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Understanding bisexuality

Estro Felino

Believer in free will
Premium Member
Hello guys :)
I have always wanted to start this thread, because there's something about people's sexuality that has always been a mystery to me: bisexuality.
I think bisexuals are very, very, very secretive about their bisexual identity so people who are monosexual (either heterosexual or gay) like me, don't understand what it feels like to be attracted to both genders.
It's something that can seem pretty weird to monosexuals. And this sense of weirdness is accentuated by the fact that bisexuals are very mysterious and hardly know how to explain what they feel towards both genders.

I would like to ask bisexuals some questions:
1) Do you feel attraction towards both genders equally?
2) Is sexual attraction to one gender different than the sexual attraction to the other gender?
3) Do you feel romantic attraction towards both genders? Or just one? Please specify.

Thank you in advance for answering.
Monosexuals can also answer to express their viewpoint, how they view bisexuality, and so on.

Estro Felino

Believer in free will
Premium Member
Ok, I'll start.
Monosexual here. Have always been attracted to men, since I was a little kid. I didn't choose. I just meet men and I like them.
It's my brain, my body who decides. Not me.

I think I could never feel sexual attraction towards women...because it's something chemical.
I guess it has nothing to do with the visual dimension. I may acknowledge that a woman is very pretty, but it's the female chemistry that really turns me off. Woman and man are made up of other senses: olfaction, taste, touching, hearing.

For example... I would never kiss Kristen Stewart especially because the idea of a woman's saliva makes me really puke.
Au contraire, Leonardo Di Caprio's saliva is as sweet as honey, to me.
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