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Trying a new approach to self


Veteran Member
I'm trying a new approach to thinking and looking at things.

In the past, I had this field of thinking that was like my "internal world", and in order to align with reality, I sometimes had to adjust this "internal world". This approach to thinking and socialization required that I take deep looks at both myself and my surroundings. But it was also great for problem-solving and visualizing complex things.

I am now trying a new approach, and have been trying it when communicating with some close online friends. This new approach is to have a small pool of thinking in regards to my "internal world", but taking a more active approach to thought, often not spending more than 15 seconds thinking on most subjects, and using some of that left-over thinking ability to better try to process my 5 senses as I approach the world in a more real-time way.

I have noticed a difference, myself. This new approach has led me to make some logical errors, but I feel it's bringing me better results so far in regards to socialization, being motivated to go outdoors and explore the sights and scenes, and just things going a bit more fluidly (I think) in general.

So that's what I'm doing in my free time (which I've had a bit less of lately) - trying a new approach.

Other than that.... I've been a bit busy lately, but I did have a wonderful day recently where I explored gravel roads and got back to the basics.