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Active Member
Anyone familiar with the term "tribalism"?

I've always identified as in the middle of Folkism and Universalism, being not concerned with neither ethnicity nor modern spirituality lacking culture, but demonstrating morality to the tribe (family and those oathed to you) and elders, with the ancestors being elders who're simply not in this world and the gods being the divine ancestors.

Apparently it is a Tribalist mindset to be concerned with the "tribe" or inner circle of friends, family and superiors (including beloved dead and deities) and honor bound oath, leaving no binding to strangers, enemies nor recently acquainted people.


Amateur Rambler / Proud Ergi
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I regard Tribalism as the most fundamental form of human interaction. I've seen what I'd describe as tribal behavior exhibited everywhere, from heavy things like nationalism, to mundane things like fandoms.

It's neither inherently good or bad; it's just who we are as a species. Allowing for a degree of organization, from loose to strict, can be a great way to maintain a community, but can also cause inter-tribe conflict and even war (the first time I'd ever heard the term "Tribalism" was in reference to its potential dangers illustrated with the Rwanda Genocide).