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Those who Act in God's Name


Active Member
Hello my fellow UU's (and everyone else),

You may remember that I said in my introduction here that I am part of a small UU fellowship that is congregationally led... we have no minister.

We have guest speakers, but we also have members (like myself) who develop and present services. I am preparing to be the "facilitator" for one later this month, but I am also working on several services to present myself early next year.

I have a version of one (for sometime in January) that I have reached a draft version of. In fact, it is a revision of an essay I wrote almost a year ago. This version is for a UU audience.

It is about those who act in the name of God, and the importance of maintaining doubt in your beliefs.

I would love feedback from my fellow UU's here, and that of others who are interested.

Here is the link.


I thank you all in advance. Please feel free to respond here, or in email or PM to me...

Thank you.

Reason and Respect in all you say and do,

David Pyle