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There is no evidence for God, so why do you believe?

Subduction Zone

Veteran Member
Mounds of evidence and yet I have never seen anything near convincing. I do believe in extinction but I don't consider that evolution. I suppose natural selection might describe why some species survive and others do not but I do not see that as evolution even though it is included in the theory.
That is your fault. You are not being rational. If you were then you would reject your God beliefs ten times as fast.

That raises the question: What are you afraid of?
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Subduction Zone

Veteran Member
Picturing what people looked like from skulls is fantasy. It is fairly well informed fantasy but it still is not a real picture of the person.
We do not need to know what they looked like, though with modern forensics we can get quite close. Did you not know that fossil evidence is not the strongest evidence for evolution? It is only the easiest for lay people to understand. And we have more than enough of that for honest people.


Well-Known Member
Picturing what people looked like from skulls is fantasy. It is fairly well informed fantasy but it still is not a real picture of the person.
That isn't evolution at all. We know height, brain size, some social habits, tools, body hair......what they looked like exactly is more of a reconstructive art. The evolutionary point is a slow change from a chimp like species to modern humans, which we see.


Soul Pioneer
Premium Member
I’ve been reading through a couple of threads, and I see that it is said that there is no evidence for a god, it’s an unfalsifiable idea. We all agree on this? If you don’t, care to explain the evidence there is for god?
I’m in agreement. I used to believe my personal experiences to be subjective evidence for god, but I know now that’s not the case. I am not a theist anymore because I recognize I was a Christian thanks almost completely to my environment. That’s why I believed. I was brought up in it. Wasn’t because of any proof or anything,
So, theists, why do you believe? Is it mainly because of your environment and geographical location? There is no proof for god (right?), so what logically keeps you believing? Or is logic not supposed to be a factor when it comes to faith? Is it too jarring, the idea of leaving the comfort that religion and belief in a god brings?
I am curious about personal evaluations on why you believe. It can’t be because of logic, as there is no proof of god, right?

Existence IS....this suffices for me :) - the reality of one's own consciousness is fundamental to life,.....call it 'God' if you like, which includes infinity, all potentials and possibilities innate to being. - otherwise,...im more of a mystic, spiritualist, theosophist......life is about learning, exploring, evolving, co-creating...what else is there? Life is what you make.

Being a 'theist' of any variety is totally your own choice based on what you find most logical within that definition-context of your world view and subjective experience. A more atheistic/agnostic or whatever viewpoint is also permissible. Finally, Existence is its own evidence, one's own consciousness....that is all that one knows ever.....and whatever arises within the field of that AWARENESS. In the context of infinity, all language, labels, terms and explanations are subject to change, evolution. - thats just for starters :)