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The serpent and the New Eve, redeem the serpent and the Old Eve.

Discussion in 'Journals' started by Spiderman, May 21, 2022.

  1. Spiderman

    Spiderman Veteran Member

    Dec 23, 2014
    Eve_N_Serpent.jpg.jpg Just journaling thoughts in head.

    Dan, who is called a serpent and viper by his Father, (the Devil redeemed), is drawn to the New Eve, whom the church also calls Mary , because as the old Eve listened to the serpent, and it brought death and a curse, Dan feels as a Serpent, the New Eve will listen to him, and Eve and Serpent save, what an Eve and Serpent harmed, by providing a more generous merciful plan for the end times, than all the torture and tribulation in Prophecy, winning the support of compassionate people in Heaven , who favor less misery.

    Then fighting with God and winning, like Jacob did, for a noble cause, might come in some form.

    Dan relys on the New Eve, because Scripture shows she reluctantly got her son to get people intoxicated, when he didn't want to, his hour had not come, it wasn't his concern, but reluctantly he obeyed, so she gets him to do what he doesn't want.

    Dan wishes to use his devilish charm to find followers willing to be Deified, to create a female dominant Religion , for the Zodiac for Dan tribe is the most female dominant, and the most successful contender with God, succeeded because he had respect only for a woman.

    An animal assigned to the tribe zodiac is the spider, the most dominant of one gender over another, of any animal, where the female can grow twelve times larger and often eats the male during sex. (A male spider who had sex twice and survived is lucky.)

    Dan the virtuous Devil, has an ability to grant the Spiderwoman anointing and Deification transformation, so that the Deified Divinities East of Heaven , where the tribe of Dan lives, are supposed to have the ability to dominate male Deities, as much as a female spider , would go unopposed by a male, to make God unable to oppose them, bring more grace and euphoria to everyone, including hell.

    Plus, spiders being the top phobia, representing the female gender, where females are cannibals eating their male mates, would be the perfect type of Divine feminine Deity , that male Deities and followers, who oppressed Divine femininity, would be most scared of.

    The oppression of any type of heavenly mother, has made many people uninterested in prayer, who otherwise would be.

    The serpent did not talk to the man in n the garden of Eden, only the woman, and Scripture says enmity was placed between serpent and women The enmity was broken when Serpent Dan was reborn an immaculately conceived Devil, and now it is woman and serpent romance.
    The redeemed serpent recalls even Jesus compared his Father, to someone who gave a woman something he didn't want grant, because he was afraid of what she would do to him. That is where the Spider female dominant anointing could put the necessary fear to get requests God doesn't want to grant.

    To turn a person into a Deified being is rebirth through the womb of the mother of God, that Saint Louis De Montfort said will mold ordinary people into Gods.

    Jesus is encouraging us to put fear into God in that parable, to get what we want, and Christ said the violent were taking Heaven by force.

    So if we can get Heaven to lose favor with God, get a conspiracy to put more merciful people in charge of omnipotence, suffering can end on earth, everyone be living life to the full and healed, humanity saved from the terribly cruel depressing end time Scriptures.

    Dan knows the New Eve doesn't want people tortured or damned, along with countless souls in heaven, that he hopes their Deification , and a noble rebellion, with enough support, motivated by love and compassion, will appeal to the loving compassionate souls in heaven, who don't want to see those ugly end time prophecies fulfilled, or anymore of the agony the current God is causing.

    The basis for Dan Deifying souls into Gods/Goddesses, is based off of Saint Louis De Montfort saying the womb of the mother of God, molded a God Incarnate, therefore could Spiritually remold people into gods. The hope is it can create Deities that God will not oppose, and Deify everyone so Idolatery is simply a need people have that can be filled in a healthy way, by real Gods, and God stop being jealous.

    Dan seeks also to try and win the sympathy of God, that God bless the rebellion, like he blessed Jacob and Rebecca's rebellion, and blessed Jacob for physical violence against God.

    The name Mary actually means "rebellious". 09bfc3fbe4a54256ad6092abd4c0d234.jpg She is the apple of the serpents eye, because he sees the opportunity to redeem his serpent tribe, by being the serpent leading Eve to save earth through noble disobedience, the tribe with the worst reputation, the tribe many say the Antichrist will come from, the Talmud says all darkness and evil comes from Dan, and rabbis call him Belial, personification of the Devil, that tribe can replace the other serpent as "God of this world", a greater Devil who doesn't harm

    The worst son of Jacob, could become the most valuable, for he is said as a viper, to surprise much larger prey, and send them back in confusion. So he could be best for disruption of bad forces on earth.

    The black Sheep tribe of Israel Dan, would be my favorite to use their serpent abilities to redeem themselves. A New Eve and serpent sanctified rebellion , to save us from the plans of the greatest murderer there ever was (God), who killed us with original sin for something we didn't do, would be best.

    Dan, when he isn't in serpent form, chooses to be a Joker, and Joker cards are the holy cards he blesses.

    He wishes to lead worshippers of toxic sadistic Devils, to a redeemed Devil that doesn't cause suffering unless to protect, the Leviathan (great serpent) of the corn fields, his followers are children of the corn snake.

    A serpent on a pole in the old testament healed people, so he is the healing serpent on a pole.

    He is , with his whole tribe, most notorious for evil, that his tribe wasn't included with the twelve listed in revelation, so being so aquatinted with how a Demonic mind thinks, he could better understand and reach, and sympathize with evil people, better than God.

    But he has been purged , purified, and is now the branch of the New Eve, staff that turns into her serpent or Devil, that like the serpent of Moses that killed Egyptian serpents, it is a greater Devil or Serpent, than the ones who oppose him.

    The serpent and Eve are working on getting God and his kingdom to fall to some of the forbidden fruit the New Eve presents, to get God to more easily compromise and be less jealous, narcissistic, and wrathful. She knows how to pull all the right strings.
  2. Spiderman

    Spiderman Veteran Member

    Dec 23, 2014
    Dan the Serpent, has been immaculately conceived , reborn a Devil who doesn't desire what would get in the way of a healthy relationship with his Queen, free of temptations to sin.
    He was giving his virginity back to win the Virgin Viper masterpiece monster of Mary award.

    Because God favors virgins throughout scripture, a virgin Viper is more powerful. To stir up more women to join him, and receive " new Eve status, and receive the Spider woman , female dominant goddess anointing and deifications, he has been granted the ability to read a woman's heart , to know in advance, without hesitation, how to give her the right monster or devil she appreciates most at that moment. 73efc6b2e7d9c1548be8e2c05513e6cc.jpg As a virtuous devil, he has more Powers than the devils who are selfish sadistic, while still being able to appear wicked enough to intrigue , amuse , or entertain those who love evil.

    The anointing that this redeemed devil has, he doesn't want to keep to himself, but wants to share the noble, virtuous, compassionate devil, Mary 's monster anointing, for he thinks it would reach lost souls that conventional Christianity could never reach.

    As old Eve listened to the serpent, now New Eve listens again, to enter a pact with a noble Devil, and try to get Eve and the serpents work together, to be the greatest force for good in the world.