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The sacred mysterious letters.

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Link, Sep 25, 2021.

  1. Link

    Link Well-Known Member
    Premium Member

    May 10, 2019
    Twelver seeker
    As for the mysterious letters
    Which are miracles for those who understand
    This is a poem to share my knowledge
    And manifest a level of light

    Yaseen is for Mohammad
    Since God shows the way he blesses him
    Peace be upon the family of Yaseen
    Said after talking about similarly those sent in the past
    Thereby hinting to what the mysterious letters are about
    The Messengers who names are not known in surah Yaseen
    And the Messengers who are named in Surah Saffat
    Are all to leading to the phrase:
    "Peace be upon the family of Yaseen!"

    Taha is for Ali
    The prayer for Harun by Musa
    Is to show the importance of the successor
    And Ali is God's Name
    With God's Name Taha that is Ali
    God did not reveal the Quran to Mohammad that be in hardship and misery
    But rather to widen his chest
    And relief the burden on his back
    Just as he did through Harun and his family
    For the sake of Musa
    So through Ali and his successors
    He did so for Mohammad
    And he is God highest word
    If you would but perceive

    Aliflamraa is for Fatima
    The wisdom of why she ties to the two oceans
    Mohammad and Ali with regarding to the successors
    And their kinship and wisdom of the past chosen households
    Are found in these chapters is the wisdom of this holy lady
    Understand these pages of insights
    And you are underway to learn the secrets of the path
    And sky reality in which Fatima resides
    And is one of the lights found therein
    Understand Sarah
    With respect to Ismail, Isaac and Yaqoub
    And you will understand Fatima

    Ainsinqaaf is for Hassan
    In a chapter that enjoins to love the kinsfolk
    Chosen by God
    And reminds that which disbelievers accuse of a selfish reward
    What is that in fact but love and recognition of the chosen household of the time
    And there has always been words of God by which he verifies the truth
    And with respect to Hassan and in his defense
    Makes who he wants without offspring
    And although Hassan has offspring
    He does not have any of his truest family
    And he has been put beside Hameem his brother
    And Hassan is a proof that the reward is not selfish
    Or he would have wanted in his offspring over his brother Hussain

    Hameem is for Hussain
    Know in these chapters we see why people disbelieved
    Showing they would if reverted to their disbelief of which they were of various origins
    And use to oppose Mohammad
    Would abandon and kill Hussain
    And indeed they reverted to their ignorance
    And sought to kill who they saw the inheritor of sorcerers
    And one day their secret society will be exposed
    And a society that has taken over the world
    And must be brought for justice for killing not only Hussain
    But many - many Prophets of bygone generations
    Ancient is the battle between good and evil

    Taseen is for Ali son of Hussain
    In the chapter Al-Naml
    Lies the wisdom of prayers and miracles
    Recognizing the Guide spiritually is essential
    For even with all the display of power
    Sulaiman was accused of being a sorcerer
    The foundation of belief in the Guide and his power
    Lies in the foundation of belief in God's Lordship
    And he being the source of power and is in control
    "Is he who responds to the prayer of the distressed one..."
    Is found therein and mission of Taseen was make firm the way of prayers
    And sincere supplications and make people love their Lord
    By which would forever make firm the authority of Ahlulbayt

    Taseenmeen is Mohamad son of Ali
    Know the prayers to relief the knots on the tongue of the Prophets
    And open up the knowledge of first and last
    Was fulfilled finally through him and enlightened society became
    Through this holy one and in that which the enemies feared came about
    And that which would open up the doors of light was established
    And ignorance put away
    And in this regard the prayer paraphrased in different ways
    With relief of tongue of Musa
    Manifests that in fact it's about Mohamad Al-Baqir

    Aliflammeemsaad is Jaffar as-Sadiq
    And about the truthful nature of the guides
    And the truth thereby they guide with
    And that guidance is achieved through them who are the way
    Split after the founder always in twelve ways
    Each the way and together the way
    And the river analogy show they are branches
    Of one root and blessed word of light

    Qaaf is about the strangeness
    Of Musa Al-Kadhim who remained the companion and witness
    In the journey even while in jail
    Emphasizing on the wisdom of the chapter Qaaf
    And chapters under this letter
    He being the right handed witness
    And the driver - and remained the guide
    Even while tortured in jail
    It maybe strange but it's true

    Noon is about Ali A-Reda
    And as the chapters take a place in which all humans were pleased
    Foe and friend alike just as it was for Mohammad when these chapters were revealed
    But he too was opposed when the threat of the truth came eminent
    And the battle between truth and falsehood continued

    Is about the youngness of leadership of Imam Mohammad Al-Jewad
    And the trial therein
    And the proofs for him
    Are found in the wisdom of Yahya
    And Isa even while children

    Because Ali Al-Hadi is young too
    Talks about the exalted nature of the Guides
    Of who taught the Angels and who Iblis was asked if he is one of
    When he refused to prostrate
    And the reward of loving family of Mohammad
    Is emphasized to be a reminder
    That will truly known on the day of judgment

    Is about the blessings of the Guides
    Of which Hassan Al-Askari
    Must prepare for their disappearance
    If the nation had failed their trial
    And these chapters are wisdom of that
    And talk about the aftermath
    And transition

    Therein you find for every people there is a guide
    Who can perform miracles
    As signs and proofs to him being a guide
    And he is the path of God
    And God is to be prayed to often
    So we can be guided by this guide
    A promise binding on God
    And so this is about the Twelfth Imam
    If you would but perceive

    In these sacred letters
    Lies a secret
    Do with it what you may
    Believe or disbelieve
    Indeed they are hidden yet manifest
    No meaning attached in apparent
    Yet who is represented by them is known with reflection
    A miracle in itself
    If you would but perceive
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  2. mangalavara

    mangalavara Verified Account ✔
    Premium Member

    Jul 5, 2021
    Saura Hindu
    This is very good. As someone who has read about the 12 Imams and wondered about the mysterious letters, your composition is fascinating! Did you come to the conclusions in your poem by yourself or did you learn these things from someone else?
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  3. Link

    Link Well-Known Member
    Premium Member

    May 10, 2019
    Twelver seeker
    I came through the help of ahadith and Quran, but no one taught me directly (in person). Thank you for your kind words.
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