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The renunciation of nationality.

Why do some countries allow you to renounce your citizenship, whereas others won't?

What are the possible ulterior motives behind it?


"Be strong", I whispered to my coffee.
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As one who will soon be applying for french citizenship i can say citizenship of the country you choose to reside does have major benefits.

As for bars to renouncing citizenship, i guess it depends on the countries view of its citizens and whether they have the administration in place to delete, change or cancel information through several different departments.

The problems i have had with HMRC simply because I've moved country are too much to discuss on this thread.


"Be strong", I whispered to my coffee.
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If it was possible i would apply for international citizenship, not sure i can do that yet

There was talk of Europe citizenship during and following brexit but nothing came of it. The reason being if you live in a country that is part if the EU you are automatically a citizen of the European Union

Estro Felino

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Statelessness is the condition of those who have no citizenship 1) either because they were born from foreign parents 2) or they are undocumented migrants, whose nationality is unknown.

Stateless people have almost all the rights the other citizens have. They don't have the right of voting...of course.

In my country citizenship ia a right that cannot be renounced.
In very serious cases like High Treason or similar, the competent Criminal Court can deprive a citizen of their citizenship.