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The History of Medicine in South Asia

Lalith Ramesh

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Hindu World Vol. 1 An Encyclopedic Survey Of Wisdom



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But these days, indigenous medicine must go through scientific investigations, the active principles should be identified, the ingredients should be standardized, and price established. It should not be that companies mix any ingredients of their choice in whatever proportion, name it as vedic and sell it at exorbitant prices to the government. That is a mega-scam in the name of indigenous medicine and Vedas. What are the checks on Ayurvedic medicines? Every Tom, Dick and Harry is coming up with Ayurvedic medicines.

The government should ask the companies to put this notice on every Ayurvedic medicine (prescribed or sold over the counter) in India:
1. There is no standardization of ingredients in Ayurvedic medines.
2. There is no guarantee the efficacy of the Ayurvedic medicine.
3. There is no governmental control over the prices of Ayurvedic medicines.
4. The government will not be responsible for any side-effect of the medicine.
The drug can only be used at the risk of the patient or his doctor.
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Be your own guru
Do they treat cancer or AIDS? Or even gunea worm or malaria? I have lived in Bhil Areas for quite some time.
Even if what they know is good; it needs standardization, check for efficacy and side effects, and price control.
This is 21st Century, friend; or would you buy a medicine from a snake-oil seller on your street?
"Patthar par maro tun to awaz hogi." (Strike it on a stone, it will ring like iron.)