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The Fifth Gospel: The Tibetan Bible


Peace be upon you.
Peace be on you. Is there any detailed impartial inquiry about:

The Fifth Gospel presents some compelling new evidence about the life of Jesus which has been derived from a variety of sources in the East which are unknown to most Western scholars. By chance, one of the authors found, in 1965, a reference in Ladakh to the discovery of Buddhist scrolls about Jesus. Since then, the authors have been examining evidence about the survival of Jesus Christ at the time of the crucifixion, and his subsequent travels to the East.......................
Source The Fifth Gospel: New Evidence from the Tibetan, Sanskrit, Arabi PDF Download


Istha gosthi
unfortunately I cant download it at prsent , apparently my c drive is allmost full , allthough I would love to read it .

many years ago I read a book discussing very simmilar details it was facinating and to me extremely plausable .

does this book discuss the islamic accounts ?

despite many attempts to disscredit such theories by christianity , much vedic and buddhist thought runs concurrent with much of jesus's teaching style and it is no slight on the son of god that he should want to travel amongst likeminded peoples or that they should speak the same truths .