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The crickets chirp...

Sedim Haba

Outa here... bye-bye!
No replies.

I have to assume that there are no active MJ on this forum.

Doesn't really surprise me actually, though I've not been in an actual community for the last 20 or so years,
I can pretty much imagine what happened. There were always two camps, aligning along origin community.

Those who were Torah observant would look around and realize that there was no chance for the
necessary infrastructure, such as Mikvah and Hebrew school, ever being established.

That's what I determined, so I had dual Shul membership, in MJ and non-MJ.

I did what I had to do, get my children a Jewish education.

When the (new) MJ leadership got wind of this, they forced me out.
I was part of the 'old guard' leadership, Torah observant. A 'problem' for the new money pockets.

SO, I guess I will post in the root Abrahamic DIR from now on, unless/until anyone else shows up.

Sedim Haba

Outa here... bye-bye!
Messianic Judaism is dead. Dead and buried. Just like the Ebionites before them. Murdered.

.... prove me wrong!

Sedim Haba

Outa here... bye-bye!
I have no community. Messianic Judaism is dead. Dead and buried. I'm old, so very old, and perhaps it dies with my generation. I will not post here again. Shalom.