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The All Truth of the Holy Spirit



Aquarian Conspiracy

Understand world events. Political upheavals, social conflicts, environmental concerns, scientific discoveries, religious movements and the Internet are all part of
the New Age Movement.

According to the ‘Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ’ which was transcribed directly from the Akashic Records by Levi, just as our Earth revolves around the sun, the whole solar system itself revolves around a much larger and central star-sun which is millions of miles distant. This orbit takes about 26,000 Earth years and is divided into twelve signs of the Zodiac, each age (sign) lasting about 2,100 years.

The start of the Age of Aries coincided with the appearance of Abraham whose central message was the certain existence of the One God of all. The Age of Pisces brought Jesus, who clarified and upgraded the Mosaic and Jewish laws and provided us with true insights pertaining to Heaven from whence he came and to which he returned. And now in the Age of Aquarius, it is widely believed that Christ will come again to continue our spiritual education. Every new age brings with it its own progressive teachings.”

Divine instruction is progressive and never-ending

No doubt, many among you are finding that the old explanations no longer hold true. The old religious teachings are sorely inadequate, absurd if not patently false and cannot be justified through the application of one’s ordinary common sense.

The reason is simple, really.

In the beginning, we were created innocent and ignorant. To bring us forward, only the simplest explanations were provided. As we progressed in our studies, and depending on our increased capacity to comprehend, new advanced concepts and teachings are introduced.

Christ confirms:

“I have used proverbs to tell you these things, but the time is coming when the truth shall not be so veiled and I will speak to you plainly about the Father.” (JN 16)

“If you adhere to my teaching, you will really be my disciples; and you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.” (JN 8)

“Oh, there is so much more I want to tell you, but you cannot understand it now. When the Spirit of Holiness and Truth comes, he will guide you into all truth.” (JN 16)

“But the Comforter, which is the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.” (JN 14)

This is that appointed time.

An invitation

Some of you in this forum are already in possession of some of the relevant information and fragments of the new teachings.

I invite you to share them so that everyone may be benefited by the knowledge. In so doing, you will have rendered a vital service to God and your fellowmen who need to understand more. In return, you will be helped to grow spiritually and advance your knowledge of the divine, considerably. “It is in giving that we receive.”

Share them in this thread or better, start a new thread in this DIR.

Just a few representative sample topics covered and questions addressed by the New Age teachings to jumpstart the discussions


The contradictions and conflicting teachings represent different aspects of the teachings, the different levels of studies and the progression of divine instruction.
Who wrote the books of the Bible – different writers, different viewpoints and scope of authority according to the writer’s level in the order of evolution?
How much credence should we attribute to the principles and teachings contained there?

On Jesus

What is most important – the messenger or his message?
How do the teachings of the Bible and the churches measure up to what Jesus himself taught in his own words in the Gospels?
Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce: Christ is here, now
What did Jesus really teach?

On the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit – a spirit that is already holy
What does he do, can do and cannot do for us?
How does he go about performing his duties and responsibilities?

Psychic phenomena

How is psychic ability normal and natural for everyone?
How can one develop his own psychic or mediumistic abilities?
The science behind psychic phenomena and its applications


The unity of all the religious teachings
The different aspects or faces of God
The diverse features and central teachings of the various religions

Science, the religious teachings and the occult or esoteric teachings

The occult sciences are true just not as yet widely disseminated or understood
Comparing and contrasting science and the occult or esoteric teachings
The different but cooperative roles of science, religion and the occult towards the advancement of knowledge and truth


The Secret Doctrine – the study of the cosmos and human development from its beginning to its end
The Great White Brotherhood, the masters, gurus and other advanced beings
The Divine Plan of Evolution, the Planes and Dimensions of being, and the Rounds and Root Races

Karma and reincarnation

The laws, their rationale and purpose towards our spiritual development
The present is the direct consequence and result of all that we have done in the past
Our situation in the Real Life and our future incarnations will depend entirely on what you do here and now

Proofs of the Afterlife

New and most recent scientific findings that validate the true or refute the old and false religious teachings
What happens when we die?
Channeled messages and the direct personal testimonies of clairvoyants, astral travelers and mystics

The New Age is the upgrading of all previous and outdated religious instructions, clarifying the unclear, reconciling inconsistencies and resolving all conflicts and contradictions.