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Thank you Ali


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O Ali according to Quran and the Prophet, all chaos and oppression on the earth would have been avoided had the people of your time fulfilled their pledge to God regarding you. And your offspring tried to save us as well till despair took Imam Ali alhadi who said “my mind failed to remove his oppression, everyone I relied on betrayed me and everyone I sought help from abandoned me”, and he was the last of he four With the names of Ali which is sacred and the four sacred of the twelve luminaries chosen as twelve after the Prophet the day God created the heavens and the earth. And sacred that who goes beyond and worships you and exalts you beyond limits will do so out of evil and who neglects exalting you as a chosen leader or mixes in your exalted leadership other then the chosen ones will do so out of evil. Now we wait the promise of God to replace the nation with a better people and to destroy the oppressors and save the believers from them. The worst and darkest of the prophecies of Quran which were warnings meant to be avoided have come to pass and we are heading for destruction and god will destroy us if we don’t change course. You who is the first of the twelve branches and courses from the Prophet, a witness from him, a Captain of the ship of salvation. You who was meant to break the knot on the tongue of the seal of Prophets but found people ignorant and turning away. You who was the brother of the Prophet and married to the best woman ever to live. I testify your killer was of Magog following Gog’s orders and that Mauwiya and Yazeed were of that hidden society of Jinn worshippers and were sorcerers. I testify there was a cosmic battle and meeting place and that those who usurped your rights they were each a Gog or a Pharaoh and like you manifested in every prayers in qunoot during when you governed and during when you didn’t that they were sorcerers who burned hadiths and killed believers to hide the truth. I testify that Gog and Magog infiltrated Islam and corruption took place worth Sunnah and blindness took with the sorcery the Quran. How clear are your rights in Quran yet how confused are the dark hearts regarding you. Fatima didn’t care about wealth when she fought Abu Bakr for her rights but rather she wanted to stop him from forging lies that contradict Quran and sought to lead humans in referring sayings attributed to the Prophet to the Quran and I testify she proved her case beyond ambiguity but clear in proofs to her case. Peace be upon you and your wife Fatima and your brother the Prophet and the leaders from your offspring the purified ones in peoples eyes by God’s book and the Calculated words of the Prophet. History was never destiny till destiny occurred. By your sword we will succeed and those who abandon you abandon the greater of the two weights left by the Prophet for through you Quran is to held on to. God curse a people who remain blind to you despite the clear bright reminders of the Sunnah of the Prophet that clarifies the Quran, illuminating the recitation and by that a commentary on all holy books unfolds. Through the messages of the Messengers from your offspring who clarified Quran but didn’t receive scripture so we’re not Prophets the truths of Quran were clarified and the wisdom remains even if a few to none followers of it remain. You who are of the first of that course that guide by the truth split into twelve branches and courses to God like Abraham was a course. I don’t shed tear regarding you except that in your right stolen the favors of God in humanity we’re denied and covered and the oppressed still suffer as a result for the tears of Jacob for Joseph was due to his love of God and his compassion for all. I know you and Hussain and all the guides are with the Prophet and are still the lanterns of the sky of this world which are safeguards and weapons and arrows against the devils. Never will you abandon me and you who argued with me about Prophethood when I didn’t believe in Islam over and over again till I realized the truth. You were that honorable spirit though I believed you were made up in my head Then I know it was you. So thank you ya Haidar Alkarar and thank you for teaching me to fight for my soul.