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Template Foundation / Emin

Discussion in 'New Age DIR' started by B-Man, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. B-Man

    B-Man New Member


    I posted this in the secular section - but might be better here.

    Has anyone had any experience with this group ?? The tempate foundation (formally Emin, The Eminiant Theatre Journey, The Eminiant Way, )

    See here: http://www.templatenetwork.org/en/

    They have some interesting (and esoteric) ideas and principles.

    On the outside the group seems fine - however, I have been reading a book called 'Spying in Guru Land', by William Shaw. In the book, Shaw describes Leo (aka Raymond Armin or Raymond Schertenlieb) as ex encyclopedia salesman, ex security guard, chain smoking , charismatic , six foot Cockney, into weird ideas and with a cult like following.

    Any comments would be welcome and interesting.

  2. Art

    Art New Member


    It's hard to give you an accurate explanation of The Template Foundation unless I know what you're looking for.

    So. What are you looking for?

  3. Scott1

    Scott1 New Member

    This thread is a couple of months old Art.... maybe you could give a basic overview of the group (I am assuming that you have some relevant info)?
  4. B-Man

    B-Man New Member

    Since I started this thread, I have researched a great deal more on Emin / Template Foundation - I have read books written by Leo Armin (founder now dead).

    I have also attended a few 'meetings'

    I haven't reached a final conclusion as this group is particularly secretive (even though one of their 'mottos' says they shouldn't be secretive.

    What I have noticed is that the group (not many where I live) all seem to have a problem with life and expectations of people in general.

    They do some good things and also some weird things (mostly weird though) - Like Aura Showers and Electrobics, and Stuff to do with colors.

    They seek the truth - but don't see the truth in themselves - Just a bunch of lost, lonely people as far as I can tell.

    I would clasify them as a cult.
  5. kestria

    kestria New Member

    I belonged to this organisation for eleven years ... and for seven of them, I was what's known as 'an officer'. I was in charge of a branch. Apart from the inevitable admin, I was responsible for maintaining and instructing a group of students and I had to do my best to swell the branch's numbers.

    Alongside this, I also had to have 'an endeavour' and 'personally develop' ... concepts you'll no doubt be intimately be familiar with, B-Man, having 'read books' and attended 'a few "meetings"'.

    Frankly, I can only conclude that your views are totally subjective. For example:

    They seek the truth - but don't see the truth in themselves - Just a bunch of lost, lonely people as far as I can tell.

    This is a reasonable assessment if you've found something better to replace their truth. If not ... you're just showing off.

    I was in this society for eleven years. You weren't. Here's why I left:

    I finally realised that in the country where I joined, this group was corrupt. It cared more about money than anything else. I couldn't stand hitting-up innocent, dedicated members who couldn't afford it, for more money.

    I've since learned that other 'Emin' branches don't work that way. I wish I'd known that earlier. I'd still be a member ... in another country.

    The teachings of the Template Foundation/Emin made more sense to me than any religion, philosophy, occult teaching or New Age belief I'd found in nine years of searching. I'm picky. I don't like blind faith or subjective rantings. I prefer a bit of proof. The TF/Emin gave me that ...

    B-Man, if you seriously want to know more about this group, email kestriaATyahooDOTCOM.
  6. B-Man

    B-Man New Member

    Hi Kestria - Sorry if I sounded like I show off - that was not my intention - I was simply stating my observations.

    My views and opinions are based on the meetings I have attended and books that I have read. BTW - Leo makes the simplest concepts sound so complicated with the wording, vocabulary and grammar that he choose to use in his writings - in my opinion.

    I don't profess to know all about TF/Emin - which is why I made this post originally.

    I thank you for you comments and observations.
  7. B-Man

    B-Man New Member

    BTW - Did you research Buddhism ? I find there are some parallels. And of all the religious, occult, new age teachings I have researched - Buddhism make the most sense to me. TF/Emin doesn't make sense to me as I have yet to discover (ie pay for) all the information required for me to make an informed decision.

    You also say you don't like subjective rantings - did you ever read any of Leo's publications ? I have some here if you would like me to quote some great examples of subjective rantings. Sorry I don't mean that in a harsh way - Simply the truth - In my opinion.

    Regards & Peace.
  8. kestria

    kestria New Member

    Oopsie ... I was dreading coming back here to see what I wrote last night. I'm a fine one to talk about 'subjective rantings'! Sorry, B-Man -- you were on the receiving end of too many wines and a prickly attitude. I left that group seven years ago and you'd think, wouldn't you, that I'd be long over getting defensive about it. I guess the fact that I'm obviously not, demonstrates more than anything else how deeply involved in it I actually was.

    I understand what you mean by the jargon and use of language in the TF. It made some of Leo's teachings - particularly the later ones - virtually incomprehensible. On the other hand, there was a method to it and I liked the challenge of trying to understand what he meant.

    As for the subjective stuff, it's true he dropped some real clangers, especially in the beginning. Much as I loved the teachings, there were some I was never able to accept ... mainly because I couldn't find any proof.

    Buddhism -- right again. The TF/Emin teachings are syncretic, in that many of them come from other philosophies and religions. Leo was always very up-front about this. He wanted to bring the best of all and combine it into one.

    Sorry again for the spleen-venting. It's not something I make a habit of ... although that's no excuse.

    Wishing you well.
  9. B-Man

    B-Man New Member

    Hi Kestria -

    No apology neccessary. I find the great many of people who are passionate about topics tend to sometimes get defensive. Hey, I know I do.

    And I thank you for sharing your experiences. I have followed up with an e-mail to - I forget to sign it - the address is one_skeptikal - you will know the one when you get it.

    I totally understand the accptance thing with respect to some of Leo's teachings. From the readings I have seen - I get quite frustrated trying to work out what he means - A lot of the teachings , I find can be quite ambiguous - My guess is that folks who read these interpret them in the way they wish to - and if that helps them, well I say it is a good thing. However for me, I find them very hard work.

    The people who I have met from our local TF/Emin group seem to be nice people, good hearted and kind. Albeit sometimes I feel they have a chip on their shoulders over things that no-one change.

    Additionally, this is the first time I have heard that Leo was outspoken on the fact that Leo basis his teachings on some of the philosophies of of other groups. I find this fact refreshing as my observation has been that some of the local group beleive Leo founded all these 'technologies'.

    For instance -

    Electrobics - reminds me of Tai Chi
    Some of the teachings & excersises remind me of NLP
    Some of the practices remind me of the Buddhist values as I have mentioned.
    Some of the beliefs remind me of Wicca
    The unseen world and clarevoyance reminds me other groups
    Tarot has been around for centruries

    Thanks again for your insights.
    Prima likes this.
  10. Eminentway

    Eminentway New Member

    Oh dear,
    I see that some of the comments regarding the Emin and membership
    are very closed and based upon the lack of understanding and application of the principles of the Emin in a persons life.
    The core principles of the Emin are really to do with Honour and Respect and to
    be always looking at everything in a new way so that you do not become
    fixed in a complacency of your own design. Not understanding some of Leo's teachings or lessons should've inspired you into deeper research. I was a member when I was 16 and I must say that now I am 48 and have applied the teachings of the Emin into my life for 32 years I have developed a deeper understanding of things I could not have begun to contemplate then. After all a man or woman does not become a man or woman after 5 years or 11 years. What I am trying to say is somethings need to mature and the Emin way has a cycle of birth, growth and development just like every thing does.
    If you can't understand something that Leo wrote then perhaps you are judging from your lack of experience as he did study these things for 40 years.
  11. kerovi

    kerovi New Member

    I gained further insight into Leo's expression by looking up Geschwind Syndrome.

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