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sufism and intercession

I find sufism fascinating and have attended zikr before. I was wondering, what are the traditional sufi defences for intercession from masters. A very controversial issue, of course... i would be interested to hear how you would understand this issue. How do you defend the Sufis from the charge of Shirk.


Let go
There aren't too many Sufi's on this board, so you may have to research it for yourself.
I tried Google and Wikipedia with no luck.


A controversial point within Islam this is and I still dont understand it myself. It is very deep and alot has been written about it, and discussed, by classical orthodox scholars.

I would advise you to google on terms within Islamic law like 'istighatha' and 'tawassul'. Although it is generally related to Sufi's you should remember that this issue is one within the lines of Islamic jurispudence (fiqh). Dont forget as well that there are also Sufi's who disagree with other Sufi's on this issue.