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Spiritual Satanism UK


New Member
I have searched everywhere on the internet but cannot find any web pages about spiritual Satanism in the UK It would be good to know if there even are any people here who are spiritual Satanists in the UK... Im starting to feel like i'm alone :(


You'd probably be better off making proper connections with LHPers rather than meeting up through the internet like a shy high-school couple. Check out functions/lectures/music gigs in your area that you suspect may attract the kind of people you're looking for and connect - it's funny how easy it is to meet people; if you're friendly, they will usually tolerate your company for as long as it takes them to get to know you.

Just don't be that guy - the one who taps people with occultist tattoos on the shoulder and excitedly yells 'ARE YOU EL AYCHE PEE?!'


Well-Known Member
I led a meetup group of Satanists in Scotland. They were mostly theistic. Those people are still there and willing to do meetings and rituals. You'd have to go to Glasgow. I find personally that anyone is going to have to travel significantly to really be part of a well-functioning group. It is worth it.


Ave Satanas
I am a theistic satanist in the UK, I do hold occasional group rituals and meetings etc. I live near the city of Birmingham if you would like to message me for more information.