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Bonafide Seraphim
I was reading something and there was a passage about Sheol - basically from what I gather, instead of a heaven or hell, there was upper sheol and lower sheol (or commonly known as "the abyss"), to be able to get into upper sheol so that you were close enough to hear your family mourn at your grave, and you were comfortable in temperature to be able to rest peacefully, you had to have Land, Money for a proper buriel and a plot. I have a couple of questions about this - I know that it comes from the book of Job and Ecclesiastes but what religions find this as their belief? And what about children, how do children reserve their spot in upper sheol, dependant on their parents?

Mr Cheese

Well-Known Member
Sheol of course is Jewish....

but it akin to Hades.... or other forms of the underworld...

the land of the dead....

You can think of them as like giant compost heaps....
full of life, but rotting, dung beetle like life...

I would thionk your question about family, would be like contacting "anscestors"