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Saturnian Ascent


The Hungry Abyss
Greetings audience. This is the space where I will be keeping my thoughts on a variety of topics. I welcome commentary, criticism, conflict, and chaos. Emphasis on the chaos, please.

I have decided to place this work within the restricted category, since I dislike triple guessing what I post and have no interest in an audience, including minors viewing this.


"Be strong", I whispered to my coffee.
Premium Member
On clicking this post i thought it was a DIR but, no, despite being restricted it does seem to be open to all.

So have fun, i would like to see some of your thoughts and i may even reply to one or few.


The Hungry Abyss
So, I am sexuality inclusive, gender critical. What does that mean, for those who aren't familiar with free speech in the age of the cancellation mobs? It means I support equal rights, regardless of sexuality but am critical of gender identity. It is my view that sex is intimately and irreversibly linked to identity. While a woman may have characteristics, socially identified with masculinity and likewise a man with femininity, these are social constructs.

I am a woman, assigned female at birth. I celebrate my sex. I do not repress it. I am not ashamed of it, nor will I be made to see it as some irrelevant, fluid concept because a loud minority wants validation. I am a feminist, though not of the third wave. I believe in rational equality between the sexes. What does that mean? It means I support a woman's right to vote, to choose, to live a life she feels fit, free of discrimination on the basis of her sex. What I do not support is for a woman to have greater rights than a man, nor for her to be paid equally to a man who does greater work. Real feminism is by women, for women. It is not about man hating, nor does it include men and boys, clawing their way into women's spaces.


The Hungry Abyss
I eat meat. Yes, I said that filthy loathsome thing. I eat other creatures. Really, the pig should not be so upset about its plight. It is born to parents, carefully selected for quality. It grows up, maturing in an environment with other pigs. If it is lucky enough, it will be raised free range. If it is even more lucky, it will be raised by humans who treat it well, until the day they slaughter, cook, and eat it. Really, such a pig has an easy life. It need not work, only exist. It need not worry about being torn gruesomely to shreds by predators or die of exposure to the elements. It simply exists, doing what is predictable until its death day comes.

If people were pigs, they would likely start up a protest, crying about how they owe nothing to the farmer, that they should be cared for, free of charge to themselves. That it is their right not to be slaughtered and consumed. However, I'm a capitalist and I eat pork.


The Hungry Abyss
I just came to a realization today. As a feminist, I stand for women. I stand for women's right to vote, to work, to be given genuine equality. However, why am I permitting men to steal away womanhood? Why would I ever gift a man with the label woman, recognizing him as anything other than a man? Men are not women. Men do not know the struggle of being a woman. Men do not menstruate. Men can not know what it means to go through female puberty, no matter how many hormones they take.

When a man claims to me he feels like a woman, I ask him what a woman is to him. I tell him to write me two paragraphs, even one. He can't manage this task. Yet, still he feels he's entitled to be recognized by the world as a woman. Still, he thinks that somehow, through some magical method, he somehow knows what it means to be woman. This is impossible of course, since he's not a woman. He's a man and he was born male.

When people tell me that one becomes a woman, I agree with them. They are correct. However, they aren't correct in what they twist this statement into. Yes, you're born a girl, you go through puberty, and you mature into a woman. That's nature. You're not born a sexless blob and then later decide whether you're a man or a woman.
Furthermore, I will never use the term cis gender for myself. I'm a natural woman. Not only that, I celebrate my womanhood. I, as a woman, know what it means to be a woman. I think if we should have parades about our *gender identity*, we should have them to celebrate our natural sex.

Imagine sun festivals, celebrating the divine masculine, celebrating men for being men. Likewise, moon festivals, celebrating the divine feminine, celebrating women for being women. Can you imagine such festivals? I can. I can see them in my mind's eye. Imagine a girl, growing up, learning to celebrate her sex, rather than see it as irrelevant. I'm talking about real body positivity. I'm talking about boys and girls, men and women, having things they can celebrate about themselves, rather than ignore. Imagine a world like that?


The Hungry Abyss
A Note From A Friend:

An age of inversion; transgenderism, decadence and you. Such delights to witness, surgically achieved axe wounds to a child's crotch, chemical castration for the purposes of "identity", wild frivolous degeneracy celebrated, oh such wonders to see. You may ask why, how, who? Let us discuss that very thing. So first we must define, what is inversion? A simple principle, to take what is natural, beautiful, normal and defile it. Invert it. Make the beautiful ugly and call the ugliness beautiful, make the innocent corrupt at its heart and call it something pure, take the normal and make the abnormal the new normal. What is this age if not a masquerade of horrors pretending to be beautiful? A mere few decades ago the idea of mutilating a body, let alone a child's was abominable. An act vile. Yet here we sit, you and I, witness to these acts. Tongues lashed, wrists tied, bow down now, witness and savor the misery.

Oh, how slippery the slope is. Do others recall when simply gay marriage was a hot issue? Mayhaps when homosexuality was debated to be allowed in the military? Such entertaining prospects now when we have MAPS, "minor attracted persons" fighting for their rights. How long? Five years? A decade? How long until the laws are made lax? You think me mad? Look back a mere two decades ago at how far we've come and tell me I am, do so. No. No this is where the song goes my friends. A descent, not an end that would allow rebirth, not an ascendency that would peak and fall, no, we travel to an end without and end. A discordant song that will see all taboos, all kindness, all love, all hate, all peace and tranquility stripped, pressed aside and replaced with apathy. Cold, rational machinery of both the spirit and if allowed the body.

But why, why sing such a song, why entice the simple and weak to frolic to such a song? Simple really. Control. Debasement. Ritualistic humiliation. Tell me, what is stronger, a community or an individual? Oh, Hollywood would say the individual can "change the world", make it better. All it takes is one man, one moment to "make things better". A lie. A falsehood. A group is strong, a unifying identity is strong. To know at whose back you fight, to know where to aim your spears. An individual can be remarkable yes but alone he is worthless. So, you divide a people. Break down the communities, render them weak, turn man against woman, child against parent. Then, then your prey becomes easier. You see the weakest of the herd, the outsider, the broken, the worthless and you tell them "it's ok, it's not your fault, it's societies fault". You aggrandize the broken, dividing more while enjoying the fruits of your destruction. The whole is weakened while you, you who seek power with your own group is strengthened.

But resistance yet remains, some remain unbroken, unbowed, what do we do with them. You humiliate them. You debase them more. You sell their children poisonous ideas in their education, confuse about gender and their role in society, you take their innocence and naïve soul and you twist it, turn it against what is right, what is strong. You break them. They in turn break their families. Accept the new identity or be the outsider bigot. Your not a monster are you, to deny a confused six year old hormone pills are you? Would you really tell little Timmy he can't remove his penis? What is wrong with you? This, this is inversion in practice. Debasement. Defilement.

It's funny isn't it though, I mean you think there'd be more outcry than a few limp dicked right wing talking heads yet I see no end to this. Do you? Honeyed words for the fools who believe that one side or the other truly cares. People matter not. It is those in the halls of power who choose, not you, not me. How many a time has either sides politicians been caught doing something disgusting and vile to a child or a woman and somehow escaped justice? How many? How many of these progressively more twisted rulings countless governments enact been rolled back? Illusions of victory may be offered but like the mirages they are, they always disappear.

So, why. Why all this depravity, why all this misery. Come now, I know at least one here who knows, probably already knew without me saying. Control. A demonstration of power. In service to what or who depends on the speaker. Which vile blood god is the flavor of the month, Yahweh, Moloch, Minerva, pick one and run with it. Because, it's not simply to "appease" a god. Not if you believe yourself to be one. Not if you believe you claim ownership over all. Cattle. Pets. Puppets. That all you will ever be, all you can be to those who savor this. And oh, oh they do not want an end. They want the song to go on for this realm is their domain and you, you little person are theirs to toy with. To humiliate. To defile. To break resistance and accept the fate offered. Death, death cannot be allowed for an end means a beginning. Why do you think transhumanism is such an advancing field, the undying death, the endless end. Stagnancy. Stasis. That is the final goal. Call me mad. Call me a fool. See where the dice roll though, witness as I do what comes. The song will not finish. Not until someone makes it.


The Hungry Abyss
It's been a week and I feel fantastic! My mind is clear and I have more energy. Quitting porn and what comes with it has been among the best things I've ever done. Not only that, I learned I'm heterosexual rather than lesbian or ace.


The Hungry Abyss
I'm going to live my life and they can live theirs. I'll speak my mind, just as they speak theirs. This is fair. This is how equality works.