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left hand path

  1. Cosmos-intérieur

    Third path .

    asserts that there is a third path. which understands the union with the divine without losing its individuality. beyond the dichotomy beyond "either one or the other" this way I know it exists even if I haven't found it quite yet. it is a way which proposes to be Gods in God.
  2. Reyn

    Saturnian Ascent

    Greetings audience. This is the space where I will be keeping my thoughts on a variety of topics. I welcome commentary, criticism, conflict, and chaos. Emphasis on the chaos, please. I have decided to place this work within the restricted category, since I dislike triple guessing what I post...
  3. Cosmos-intérieur

    Polypantheism : a new ontology of omniverse

    polypantheism or pluralistic pantheism. belief of polypantheism is the belief in several Gods in a horizontal hierarchy, they are all as much Divine as each other. All are omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, at all times in all spaces and in all places. these Gods are not other things than us...
  4. Serpent Child

    I want to give my future kids a Satanic Baptism

    I want to give my children a Satanic Baptism when they're born but I saw a thread here once on if giving children a Christian Baptism is moral and that's it should be up to the child. The satanic Baptism is here: Satanic Baptism It says, "The Satanic baptism is the beginning of protection and...