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Rewarded with Heaven or Christmas Gifts

Discussion in 'Religious Debates' started by Fool, Sep 23, 2022.

  1. Fool

    Fool ALL in all
    Premium Member

    Jan 12, 2016
    Light Impressed with Love
    is it better to get gifted in the future for being good?

    or is it reward enough knowing you might have alleviated suffering in the moment, or appreciating NOW?

    supposedly satan went rogue in heaven and fell; so did adam and eve.. is heaven a place where bad things can happen and becoming service to self and thus causes the disconnect?

    so the original state might be heaven and then service to self as an option, or selfishness separates self from that bliss? like the prodigal son; sooner or later everyone comes home for supper and hungers enough?
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  2. Exaltist Ethan

    Exaltist Ethan From Omniverse to Omnitheism

    Mar 26, 2012
    Exaltism / Omnism
    Let me discuss with you how things change when you claim you are part of something.

    If I told you I was a Nazi (I'm not) or a fascist (I'm not), you might look at me differently, judge me based on that fact, but I would still fundamentally not be rewarded or punished for being part of those groups. If anything, calling myself a Nazi or fascist would attract other people who have similar positions as me. The same is true for almost every group, but I use those groups in particular being they illustrate my point better.

    So, let's say everybody has an afterlife or post-life at some point. Wouldn't it stand to reason that the Catholics will gather together, the Baha'is will gather together, and other groups will also come together past the Omniversal Point? If a parent is Christian and their child is atheist, is it not likely that with the development of future technology that the parent can not only be close to his or her atheist child but also their Christian brothers and sisters in their own different verses of reality?

    You will see that labelling yourself with whatever you want to call yourself doesn't actually reward or punish anyone, here in life or the afterlife, it only makes it easier to find common themes among people, in ways which make it easier to relate to people. If you are a Christian you might have read the Bible, if you are Muslim you might have read the Quran, and so on.

    Most likely what will happen is everyone will exist in every reality as part of the Omni-Dimensional reality sets in, but who and where you put your consciousness and focus on is determined by what groups you already do that here in our present reality. A Christian could in theory visit Hell because it will exist someday and visiting a place does not infringe or harms peoples rights, but whether they choose to keep their soul in that reality is up to them and most likely most of their consciousness will not end up directly in Hell ... unless they have a fascination with Satan.

    I wish to exist in all realities but even in the afterlife I want to focus my attention on what the future of Earth holds. Earth is so perfect in so many ways, and is much more interesting than the other places I could visit throughout the Universe. While my post-life will begin on Earth I suspect I will take wormhole tours to other exoplanets with life on them, and purposely stunting my knowledge so I can learn more about our Universe on my own terms. I always want to feel a sense of wonder and being a God of some reality would probably prevent that.

    Christians, and non-Christians, including my atheist parents, celebrate Christmas as a way to show appreciation and gather in groups for the ones they care about. They do it here now in the present and they'll continue to do it into the future and as part of their post-life. Gifts are just a way of showing people that you care about them regardless of what religion you happen to believe in.

    The largest gift, however, will be when post-humanity exalts reality piece by piece and assures in an Omniversal reality, which one can ultimately choose whichever story they want to be in, and purposely limit themselves as their Gods for their enjoyment. Imagine being able to watch The Sixth Sense over and over again like it was your first time... It is possible when we invent technology to induce a type of amnesia. Being God means you choose your own rules. And honestly I don't think most people will choose to create themselves in a fashion in which they all have an infinite amount of control, although, they will always be given the option if they choose to accept it.

    I know this is pretty outside the topic you wanted to discuss but I needed to say it. In short: labels tell people what they have knowledge in. That's why when I made that thread, "What Religions Do You Understand?" most responders just told me the one they believe is the one they understand the most. I think their is poetry in those decisions, having to pick something to understand without really knowing what you're getting into, knowing that at any time you could have that moment of disbelieve or discouragement. Nobody fully agrees with the decisions of their religion, or rather, any group.

    I consider myself a Federalist and a Libertarian and both of those are opposites in so many ways. And I disagree with much of the Libertarian moment, despite me voting for and donating to them with my welfare money. How ironic ... but regardless, choosing to label yourself doesn't necessarily mean you won't spend time other people of unlike minds, it's just a way to tell people that you know and agree with a lot of the principles of a certain goal or idea.

    That's what I'm trying to get across. Everybody who is alive will die someday, but most of us will choose to live again because existence is better than not existing, and if we don't change our opinions in the meantime we might spend more time with people who are related or likeminded more. That's all. I don't see life and afterlife being that different... The biggest difference between both of them is our ability to have more options on where, when, who, what, and how to be at any given point. And honestly ... I think most people already like who they are and wouldn't even want to change much anyways.
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  3. mangalavara

    mangalavara Your Account
    Premium Member

    Jul 5, 2021
    A few days ago, on my walk to work, I went inside GS25 and purchased three bottles of flavored mineral water. Two were for a couple of co-workers, and one was for me. When I walked out of the store, I saw one of my co-workers, and I handed her a bottle of mineral water, saying, 'This is for you.' She was delighted. Soon, when we went inside our workplace, I handed another bottle of mineral water to another co-worker. She was delighted just like the first one. Seeing the delight radiating from their faces and hearing their words of gratitude was a lovely experience. I did not desire a gift in return from them (or anyone else) for that particular deed. The delight of two other beings that was caused by my gift-giving was the reward.

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  4. IndigoChild5559

    IndigoChild5559 Loving God and my neighbor as myself.

    Aug 7, 2018
    Being good is its own reward. It is intrinsically satisfying to live a good life.