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Peace be upon you.
Peace and mercy of Allah be on you.
A) Firstly, some part about Taqwa (righteousness) from Friday sermon June 2, 2017 delivered by Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper) :

Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) taught us about progress in Taqwa in various ways. …He said: The purpose of teaching of Quran and Islam was to produce Taqwa. It -- we do not see today. They keep fasts, offer Prayers but these Prayers and fastings are making them sinful since they are void of Taqwa. …. Prayers, without Taqwa, are useless and keys of Hell…. The root of Eman is Taqwa and purity. With it Eman begins and with it, it is watered and low-passions of self are suppressed…… The real Taqwa, by which human is washed, and is cleaned, and for which Prophets come, it has gone from the world. Rare is the one who proves the truth of “qad aflaha man zakkaha” (He indeed prospers who purifies it). Cleanness and purity is good thing. If human is clean and purified, angels shake hand with him. People do not treasure it otherwise they would achieve everything of their pleasure from allowed means. Thief steals so that wealth is achieved, but if he would practice patience, God the Exalted would make him wealthy from other path. Likewise adulterer fornicates, if he would show patience God the Exalted would fulfill his desire from other path, in which His pleasure is obtained. …. It is in Hadith that no thief steals but in the state that he is not momin, and no fornicator does not fornicates, but in the state that he is not momin. ….. If a lion is standing next to the head of goat, it cannot eat grass. Do people not have faith equal to a goat? ….. If one has fear of God the Exalted then it is not possible he would do sin. …. The real root and objective is Taqwa. Who is granted it, he can achieve everything. It is not possible without it that a person may avoid small and large sins…..Orders of human governments cannot save from sins. Officials do not move around with (people) that they should be afraid. Human does sin by considering he is alone otherwise he would never do. And when he considers he is alone, at that time he is an atheist and does not think my God is with me, He sees me….. By Taqwa, everything exists. Quran has done beginning with it. By “eyyaka nabodo wa eyyaka nastaen” means Taqwa, that if human does action but due to fear does not dare to attribute it to himself and considers it help by God, and then seeks help from Him for future……The second surah too begins with “hudallil muttaqin”. Salaat, fasting, zakat etc all is accepted only when human is Muttaqi [righteous]. At that time God removes all callers-to-sins. If spouse is needed, He gives spouse. If medicine is needed, He gives medicine. Whatever thing is needed, He gives. And gives sustenance from such station which he does not know……. It is in another verse of Holy Quran that “innallazina qalu rabbonallaho summastaqmu tatanazzalo alehemul malaekato alla takhafu wa la tahzanu…. ” (As for those who say, ‘Our Lord is Allah,’ and then remain steadfast, the angels descend on them, saying: ‘Fear ye not, nor grieve…..) From it too Muttaqi is meant. “summastaqamu” i.e. quakes came to them, trials came, storms came, but did not turn away from a promise which they had made…..God the Exalted says, when they did so and showed sincerity and loyalty, their reward was “tatanazzalo alehemul malaekah” i.e angels descended on him and they said: have no fear and grief, have no sadness. God is your overseer “wa abshero bil jannatillati kuntum tuadun” and gave gladtiding that you should be happy with that Jannat and this Jannat. By this-Jannat is meant Jannat of this world. Then next is “nahno oliyaokum fil hayatiddunya wa fil akherat” we are your friend and caretaker in the world and in Hereafter…………In the beginning, the one who is true Muslim he has to show patience. Such times came at Companions that sometimes they survived by eating leaves. Some times piece of bread was not available. No human can do good with anyone unless God does good. When human adopts Taqwa, God the Exalted opens the door for him. “maen yattaqillaha yajalalu makhrajaun wa yarzokohu min haiso la yahtasib ” (who will adopt Taqwa of Allah the Exalted Allah the Exalted will make a way for him, and will give him provision from, where he even do not think of)….Have true Eman in God the Exalted, everything will be gained by it. Steadfastness is needed. Prophet received as much stations these are gained due to steadfastness. What can be done by mere dry Prayers and Fastings………To be Muttaqi it is essential to be strong in abandoning major things like fornication, theft, destroying the rights, hypocrisy, arrogance, look down, miserliness. After that, by avoiding bad-morals, instead of these, one should progress in good-morals. Treat people with politeness, good morality, show true loyalty and sincerity with God the Exalted, search for Praised-stations of religious services. Person is called Muttaqi by doing these things. Those people who have all these things, they are true Muttaqi. That is, if one moral exist in a person individually , he will not be called Muttaqi unless collective high-morals exist in him. And for such people “la khofun alehim wa lahum yahzanun” (no fear shall come upon them, nor shall they grieve ) is said. And what else they need after that. Allah the Exalted becomes caretaker of such people as He says “wa howa yatawallas saleheen” (And He protects the righteous). It is said in holy Hadith that Allah the Exalted becomes their hands, with which they hold, becomes their eyes with which they see, becomes their ear, with which they hear, becomes their feet, with which they walk. And it is said in another Hadith, whom does animosity to My friend, I tell him to be prepare to compete with Me………. It is said at a place, whom attacks friend of God, God rushes to him as when someone snatches cub of lioness, it rushes to him with anger……………………We are appointed for the matter, it is that the field of Taqwa remains empty. There should be Taqwa, not that you should lift the sword. It is not permitted. If you will be doer of Taqwa, the whole world will be with you. Thus produce Taqwa. Those people who drink alcohol or alcohol is the greatest part in the sha’air of their religion, they cannot have any connection with Taqwa. These people are fighting with goodness. So if Allah the Exalted give our Jama'at such good fortune and enable them that they should be fighting with evils, and progress in the field of Taqwa and purity, it is great success. And nothing can be more effective than it…….. At this time, see religions of all world that the real objective, the Taqwa, is missing. And splendors of the world are made god, the real God is not considered and true God is insulted. But now God wants that He Himself is believed and the world should know Him. The people who think world is god they cannot be mutawakkil (who trust in God)…………………Those people who wants to be saved from hold of God by doing mere Bai'at they are doing mistake. Self has deceived them. Look! the doctor wants patient to drink medicine upto a certain weight but if he do not take it by that amount then it is useless to hope for cure. So make purity to that limit and adopt Taqwa which saves from wrath of God…….. Allah the Exalted does mercy to those who repent because if it was not so, world would have gone dark…….. When human is Muttaqi, Allah the Exalted puts a Furqan (something distinguishing truth from falsehood ) between him and other-than-him………..Our Jama'at should be afraid if one has Taqwa as God the Exalted wants, he will be saved……. God the Exalted has established this Movement for Taqwa because the field of Taqwa is completely empty.

Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper) said: So coming of another Ramadan in our lives, and Allah the Exalted’s said that Ramadan comes so that you adopt Taqwa and Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace)’s said that God the Exalted has made this Movement for Taqwa, place a great responsibility on us that we should always review our conditions. And in days of these special favour by Allah the Exalted, we should make such changes in us and do effort to increase levels of our Taqwa what God the Exalted wants from us. And then we should not keep these to Ramadan, rather make these, part of our lives. May Allah the Exalted enable us to do so. [Aameen]


Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper) said that he mentioned in the previous sermon that the purpose of fastings and Ramadan told by Allah the Exalted is to develop Taqwa in hearts and in this regard he presented some quotations by Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) that what are methods to achieve it and how we should adopt it. [collectively given above in part A]... Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) has mentioned details of this subject at various places to firmly instill this subject in our hearts, and it should be expressed by our each moral and action. Without Taqwa, virtue of any type, to get pleasure of God the Exalted, cannot be done. Human does temporary virtues with a stroke of passion or reason but regularity in it only comes when real Taqwa is present.

Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) mentioned that to be a muttaqi (who practice Taqwa / righteousness), it is not enough that one does worship or only pay rights of Allah A muttaqi’s moral condition should be high too and he should establish effect of his virtue and Taqwa on others. So he (a.s.) said that morality is sign of being salah (virtuous) of human.

By mentioning that -- The purpose of life of a momin should be to always show the beauty of teaching of Islam, and it is possible only when high morals are shown by practicing Taqwa -- he (a.s.) said that there are many parts of Taqwa, arrogance, self-liking, avoiding haram-wealth, and to avoid bad-morality is Taqwa too. The person who shows good morals, his enemies become friends. Allah the Exalted says “idfa billati heya ahsan” (repel with what is the best) ……………[to avoid evils is Taqwa, to show good morality is Taqwa which turns foes to friends] …….Think! this guidance gives which teaching. In this guidance, the desire of Allah the Exalted is that if opponent calls name, the reply to it should not be given with name-calling. But patience should be shown at it. The result of it will be that opponent himself will be disgraced and ashamed by being convinced of your excellence and this punishment will be much more than what you can give him as revenge……. In this manner, a little person can take the situation to act of murder, but the demand of humanity and desire of Taqwa is not this. Good morality is such a jewel that its effect is on even the most troublesome human……..Someone has said (farsi) lutfkun lutf keh beganay shawad halqah bagosh (treat with kindness, strangers too will join your circle of friends).

So we should always keep this matter of principle in our view that good morality should be demonstrated by keeping our each act under Taqwa.




Peace be upon you.
What is good morality and its purpose, and what is the model before us regarding these morals. Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said: First the moral which makes human a human. Khulq (moral) and Khalq (creation, making) are two words, which have opposite meanings. Khalq is name of apparent creation, like ear, nose and even the hairs etc are all included in Khalq. And Khulq is the name of internal creation. Likewise the internal faculties which makes difference between human and non-human, these all are included in Khulq. Even wisdom, thinking etc all powers are included in Khulq too…..By Khulq, human reforms his human-ness. If human have no duties then it will have to be suppose whether it is man, donkey or what. When difference come in Khulq then only appearance remains [real human-ness finishes] e.g. if wisdom is finished person is called mad. Thus by morality, it is meant to seek pleasure of God the Exalted which is seen embodied in practical life of Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be on him). [What are morals. These are what Allah the Exalted wants. What He wants is that which we see in the life of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) from every angle.] By morals, it is meant to seek pleasure of Allah the Exalted. That is why it is essential that one should do effort to make his life in accordance with life of Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.). These morals are as foundation, if they remained unstable, then building cannot be made on these. Akhlaq (morals) are as to put one brick over the other. [if one is unevenly placed, the whole wall be so.] Someone has said so good that (farsi) khiste awal chun nehad memar kaj ta soriay me rawad dewar kaj [if builder place the first brick unevenly, the walls over it will go uneven till sky] ...

More about the subject @ Friday Sermon: Attaining Taqwa