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Psst! Republican Presidential head - hunters Red hot candidate exists


Active Member
David Beasley is stepping down as Head of the World Food Programme. He is looking for a new job. This guy would make a great Republican President. Ore he was Republican Governor for S Carolina. He was a Trump advocate and supporter.

He has great ideas on climate change and immigration (Source: BBC World Service, Hard Talk ,Sounds). He points out China has 50-70% of storage capacity of world grains. If they were good Communists as they claim. This could be released to poor nations eradicating their inflation and food poverty.In seconds. USA Citizens give $22 dollars in aid per head. China a few cents. He wants other countries to step up.

He is charismatic and has ideas on resilient programmes that would result in reduced need for aid, help climate change and reduce refugees fleeing poverty.These come with big big savings.

His main problem will be funding and Trump.

Trump is smart. With a divided Republican base, he stands a good chance of being re-elected. More importantly Trump is adept at attracting funds from a circle of admiring USA and Russian businessmen.He who has money and controls the media wins.

Pity David would be brilliant.Under his guidance WFP won a Noble prize.
I know your Liberal but would you vote for David?
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