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Prostitute reformation of Queen Esther, tricks of Babylon.


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If only you knew, Nineveh was actually a city where the gods of war were extremely sadistic, whereas babylon, which has a actual goddess that is an independent entity personification of the city, was actually a very altruistic entity that was actually creating the greatest superpowers in the world out of Arab Nations that's had the most respect for women and their sexuality and bodies, that they would genuflect before them (statues of nude women, or temple prostitutes, topless erotic dancers), pray before them for victory in battle, where they now are most notorious for thinking God approves of gang raping them for showing their hair.

Inanna, mother of harlots, in traditions, teachings passed down , when she realized there were people in hell because of her poor judgement, felt bad, descended into hell to apologize and offer them an apology and the pleasure of stripping her down naked, murdering her violently, and hanging her from meat hooks (like the lover of the 20th century Roman Caesar who hung upside down from meat hooks, taking the curse and punishment for his sins upon herself,

( hanging from meat hooks also reminds me that the scriptures actually say that Babylon the great will die naked and humiliated like Jesus, then eaten (like Jesus at Mass).

She might be atoning for our sins, and maybe Jesus always hung out with drunk sluts, turned water into a date rape drug as his first to miracle, praises prostitutes more than those who know scripture and act with chastity, demon possessed women like Mary Magdalen (she was the first he appeared to after the crucifixion) maybe he's hiding his infatuation with the mother of harlots women that are good at sex
, who are total studs, just they get to have four times as many different types of orgasms as men, and many in a row, and will even lose consciousness and ambulances having to be called, because God gave them more pleasure receptors, so that like Lazarus, they get reward for appearing to be the last place, but finishing first???

..... and the father of harlots is God the Father, correct? Maybe he treats his favorite of them all, worse than he treated his favorite son, because he's heterosexual...

.... just she gets no praises from the holy folks, like all the exterminated women from the female dominant Queen Esther tribe of the wolf, who inspired Cyrus, Esther is alternative for Ishtar, who was also the Babylonian Queen of heaven, woman who rides the beast.

Cyrus was the lover of Babylonian deities, extremely sexual, extremely female dominant, and created more peace, the largest Empire up until then, spoiled the Abrahamic monotheists ,
( whose religion hated that of Cyrus. A good father, knew their religion hated + deified his religion, all the more reason he had greater kindness that a father who is love would have. He would treat those with special needs, like they are special, when they are at risk of going totally extinct from genocides,

So, he is known by historians as the savior of Abraham monotheism..... put enormous amounts of money into building the temple and institution of laws to not let them suffer genocide, slavery, or be considered inferior, 2nd class, or second place.)

God praised Cyrus as the messiah, so did the Jews. From Iran, king of Babylon in Iraq. Iran is the greatest enemy of Israel to this day.

Yahweh said Cyrus doesn't even know him .

He knew the whore of Babylon, and he had a big heart, and conscious. His name means sun, was the sun of God . What can survive without the sun that is plant or animal....he fulfilled prophecies about the messiah we are waiting still for Jesus to do .

God said the precise day Nineveh would be destroyed. It didn't happen. Why can't the whore be saved? Have you ever gotten a cat fixed?

God changes his mind, but why would christians be **** shaming, when their Christ was always **** praising, and here is how the prehistoric prostitute reformation works:

The Nineveh deities were actually wicked. Nineveh was way worse and God fell in love with them and Jonah wanted to commit suicide, let down, betrayed, a false prophet.

Do you ever pray for antichrist politicians or daughters of Babylon? Like, actually have any hope or faith , or love for them? Cyrus loved his enemies, more tolerance than Jesus Christ.

I'm just offering suggestions, not saying I know for sure. God bless! :)
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When I said all of the women from the tribe of Benjamin not receiving praise, I mean how they were descendants of Rachel, meaning Ewe, female lamb of God.... the tribe of the first King who committed suicide when the ghost of Samuel (who christians say "Devil" but scripture says "Samuel" and the prophecy was totally accurate, so he wasn't a liar....) Sam appeared to the spiritual son of Sam as a ghost telling him that after death he would be joining him, and eager to be with his friend, he committed suicide with a sword,

.,... the other instance where God helped a holy prophet and King (judge ) commit suicide, it was a kamikaze attack on the Temple of Dagon, by Samson (Son of Sam), from the tribe of the dragon (and Lion like Judah, but wolf assigned to their Scorpio zodiac, which was often the banner they flew.....proving that suicides don't necessarily sin by doing so if God is helping him commit suicide? Prostitution and dishonesty and eating forbidden pork because she was hiding her Hebrew identity for political gain, was not a sin with Queen Esther, who descended from Saul. ;)

Queen Esther gets praise, but what about the fact that all the women of that tribe were exterminated because a man cut up a concubine and mailed her remains to different places. That was women taking the punishment for the crime of a levite man against his concubine. wtf? Sacrificial lambs who aren't complaining about getting killed by Jews, when Jesus did not get killed by Jews, why don't we give due props for the ones who actually were (no one gives them a high five , medal , or crown. Well, I do! ;) )?

Samson was worshipped by Pagans as a sun divinity, and the foxes he sent running through the fields on fire, is actually linked to the Sirius dog star and the Shinto Kami are more often personified as foxes, but the chief animal "she-wolf" is Amaterasu,

...a wolf breastfeeding twins who founded Rome, got the Roman Catholic Church it's name, and her religion is the only religion that claims to have the corpse of Jesus Christ.....

....the greatest conqueror Genghis Kahn, descending from a wolf, the eternal davidic kingdom descending from a wolf, I see that as something linked to Jacob saying Benjamin, the wolf, is the right hand of Israel, who all nations would receive their blessing through.....the right hand of Jacob, like the right hand of God, is authority , first place...

....secret, hidden, is more humble....
...the female messiah actually being greater, and legion (for she is many) and doing the forbidden (like Queen Esther or Rebecca breaking the rules , so Jacob fights with God and wins, becomes Israel, and the prophets and scriptures come through Israel rather than Esau, because of Jacob's loyalty to a woman telling him to break God's laws.

It seems that usually, God likes to surprise people, by keeping the important things secret, ( like, the person who resembles the Antichrist more than anyone in history, is actually , in the Bible, empowered more by God during his lifetime, called "messiah", praised, shown favoritism, more than all the prophets , (and even Jesus Christ during his lifetime did not enjoy his success).

He was praised by his enemies who were glad they lost and got colonized by him. There are definitely secrets to greatness .

... God intentionally keeps those secrets to greatness, keeps them secret on purpose for a reason maybe? He told Cyrus "I will give to you the secrets and treasures of darkness....I create evil".

The Devil might be a peacemaker, because the antichrist is supposed to do that. Also, Jesus said "I did not come to bring peace but a sword and division".

But he said "Blessed are the peacemakers, they are children of God".

So, the antichrist and his followers are God's children? Maybe antichrist means "best friend of Christ". I mean , the Bible says I am the Alpha and Omega , which are words with two complete opposite meanings, and the same.

... maybe he just can't come out of the closet about how much God and the Devil are in the same bed, and the Devil is his favorite one, who gets bullied and blamed for everything, a scapegoat, so that his good deeds do not receive the praises of man, but the praises of God.

Maybe the Devil , Antichrist, and the whore of Babylon are a lot like Job? They are good at their Job.

Satan was the best choir boy of the God father .....made music , played harps, and wind instruments better than all 9 choirs ,

suppose if God is love, then the Devil must have been a sweet heart, and actually had the courage to rebel against a tyrant...

.... and that's why he ranked first place. (
Well, he's not a male or female, so can't call it gay either, but God digs him/her/IT for a reason, they have fun). :D

Cyrus wore the eight pointed morning star. Inanna was the first spiderwoman Deity according to some, and spiders have 8 legs, 8 being the infinity sign. In Shinto, 8 is the perfect number, where the value can keep increasing infinitely...Venus , the 8 pointed morning and evening star, is not a star, and is the only planet named after a woman, the Devil, and Jesus Christ. Male spiders feed themselves to their partner as holy communion. Jesus Christ might have been a spider at one time. They predate homo sapiens and practice something similar to the Mass , Eucharist, wedding feast of the lamb.

....Lucifer, when used in scripture, is referring to the king of Babylon , who receive the title of the star that they wear. Jesus also is called the morning star. But Christ was a title used for Cyrus. It means "The anointed one", one of his titles.

Cyrus was also called "Lord of the universe". Babylon the great getting eaten, might be something lucky. And there is a book written about the beast coming from Ireland. Dying naked at the hands of vicious monsters with irrational hatred (Jesus), being born in a barn like Jesus because your biological father is an alien without citizenship , who knocked up your mother when she wasn't old enough to legally consent, doesn't pay child support, your step dad is broke and his woodwork won't sell , leaves you screaming "why hast thou forsaken me", naked and nailed to a bit of wood or hanging from meat hooks, getting eaten, it's how God shows you that you are his favorite.

The beast is the best!
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The Kennedy family, Irish, and the Kennedy curse, the Kennedy Camelot presidency, and how he got messed up on television (I wanna go to Dallas and get messed up like that. Jackie Lee wore his blood and never washed it off, wearing his blood and brains to gatherings where you are supposed to wear your best , most respectable, presentable finery".

Like wearing the blood of the lamb. God really blessed the dead Kennedys, the American royal family that was driven here by the potato famine.

with the magic bullet theory, and Lee Harvey oswald pronounced dead at the same hospital two days later, the family dropping like dominoes after Rosemary Kennedy's failed lobotomy, four different people in your immediate family dying in four separate plane crashes, the safest way to travel
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