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Peace be upon you.
Peace and mercy of Allah be on you...... Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper) said: Today (29 September), by the favour of Allah the Exalted, annual Ijtema of Majlis Ansaarullah (gathering of auxiliary of Ahmadi-muslim mens, age 40+) is beginning. In this regard, I want to draw the attention of Ansaar to a very important and basic matter. And it is Salaat.

Salaat is obligatory for a believer. But after age 40, when this realization should be developed more than before, that with the increase in each day of one’s age, days of one’s life are decreeing. In such state, more attention should be developed for worship of Allah the Exalted and Salaat, for that time is fast coming when one has to be present in the Huzur (Presence) of Allah the Exalted and there accountability of our each deed will take place.

Thus, in such state, a believer, each that person, who believes in life after death and Last Day, should be concerned that we should be paying rights of Allah the Exalted and rights of His servant too, and, go in the Presence of Allah the Exalted in such state when we are fulfilling these rights according to our effort.

Whenever Allah the Exalted has drawn attention to offer Salaat, He draws attention to that there should be regularity in Salaat, all Salaat-s should be offered timely, and should offered be in with-Jama'at (congregation). The commandment is, to establish Salaat and to establish Salaat means to offer it at right time and in congregation.

But it is observed (Ansaarullah’s concerned-ones might have reviewed from their reports, and review should be made) that despite the age of Ansaar is an age of maturity and seriousness, attention to Salaat-with-Jama'at is not as it ought to be. So Ansaarullah should pay most attention to it that each member of them should be punctual about Salaat-in-congregation. Each nasir should make his own review that he should be punctual about it, except in state of illness and being handicap.

Maximum effort should be made to offer Salaat-in-Jama'at. If a mosque or Salaat-center is not present nearby, then members in an area can offer Salaat-with-Jama'at by gathering in any house. If this ease is not present, family members should offer Salaat-in-congregation together. By this, children and adolescents will get consciousness about Salaat and Salaat-in-congregation.

So Ansaarullah can become Ansaarullah in real sense when they play their role in establishing Deen of Allah the Exalted, in practicing it and in having it practiced. If they are not practicing the worship of Allah the Exalted, which is purpose of making of human, and they are not having it practiced by those, of whom they are made custodian, or not making such effort, they are not presenting their own role model, then they are Ansaarullah by name only.

Today war is not being taking place by swords and arrows, where helpers are needed. Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said, the weapon of our dominance is Dua (prayer). So, to become Ansaarullah, there is need is to use this weapon of Dua. For this, it is essential to use this weapon according to method told by Allah the Exalted. And when it will take place, only then we shall be paying true right of Bai'at of Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace). Otherwise, he (a.s.) has repeatedly said that his if words are not practiced, and pure changes are not brought in self, rights of worships are not fulfilled, then there is no benefit of coming in his Bai'at. So each Nasir should especially make self reviews that up to what extent they are punctual in offering Salaat, up to what limit they are presenting their model before his children. What is state and condition of their Salaats-s. Are Salaat-s being offered as mere task and burden or we are doing all this in fact, to get pleasure of Allah the Exalted.

Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) has drawn attention about the subject of importance of Salaat, its obligation, its wisdom, way to offer it, its purpose, its philosophy and philosophy of its timings, in various ways, repeatedly, at various occasions and places. Some of his statements are being presented which shed light on its importance and wisdom.

Advising about offering Salaat-s with proper regularity, Hazrat Promised Messiah (as) said:

Offer Salaat-s with proper regularity. Some people offer Salaat of only one time, they should remember Salaat-s are not exempted, even not exempted for messengers. It is in a Hadith that a new group visited Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) and they sought exemption of Salaat. He (sa) said, the religion which does not have practice, that religion is nothing. That is why remember this thing quite well and fashion your deeds according to commandments of Allah the Exalted. Allah the Exalted says that, Among the signs of Allah the Exalted, this is a sign too that heavens and earth can only remain stay with His command. Sometimes, those people whose dispositions are inclined to naturalism, say way of nature is follow-able because if principles of protection of health are not practiced what will be the benefit of Taqwa and purity. So it should be clear that, Among the signs of Allah the Exalted this is sign too that sometimes medicine remain useless, and cannot do any work as the means of protection of health; neither medicine can work nor skilled physician. But if there is command of Allah the Exalted then inverted becomes upright.

(So, for this, it is essential, connection should be made with Allah the Exalted. And for this, the best means is His worship, and among worships, offering of Salaat-s).

About the reality of Salaat and importance, and its need to human and what should be state of Salaat, Hazrat Promised Messiah (as) says:

What is Salaat? It is a special dua but people consider it as tax by kings. Unwise do not know that what need God the Exalted have for these things? What is need to His Personal Self-sufficiency that human is busy in doing dua, tasbih and tehlil (prayer, saying ‘subhan-Allah’ i.e. Allah is pure, and saying ‘la elaha illallah’ i.e. there is none worthy of worship except Allah), rather, in it, all benefit is for human that he gains his purpose through this method. (by Salaat-s his needs are fulfilled, his purpose of life is gained, he reaches his aim). I become very sad by seeing that these days, love with worships, Taqwa and devoutness is not present. Its reason is a common poisonous effect of custom. That is why love of Allah the Exalted is becoming cold. And the kind of delight, which should be obtained in worship, it is not gained. There is nothing in the world, in which, Allah the Exalted has not placed a special pleasure and delight. As a sick, does not draw enjoyment from a good and tasty meal and he considers it bitter or fully tasteless. Likewise those people who do not get pleasure and delight in worship of Allah, they should be concerned about their disease because as I have just mentioned there is no such thing in world, in which, God the Exalted has not placed one or another delight. Allah the Exalted made human-kind for worship then what is the reason there is no delight and happiness for him, in this worship. Delight and happiness surely exists, but there should be someone too who should darw delight from it. Allah the Exalted says that “wa ma khalaqtul jinna wal insa illa le-yabodoon” (I have made jin and human to do worship), so as human is made to do worship then it is essential that delight and happiness of extreme level in worship should have been placed. We can well understand this thing by our daily observation and experience. For example, see, grains and all food for eating and drinking are made for human. So, does he not get a delight and pleasure from these ? Does, for taste enjoyment and feeling, tongue not present in his mouth? Does he not get delight by seeing beautiful things, whether vegetation or inanimate things (plants, fruits, mountains, beautiful things, animals or human)? Does, by pleasing and melodious sounds, his ears not get joy? Allah the Exalted says, We have made woman and man as pair and man is given desire. If only objective of this was to make children and generations, purpose could never be obtained. Understand well, worship is not any burden and tax. In it, a delight and happiness is present and this delight and happiness is dominating than and higher than all delights of world and all enjoyments of self. As a sick is deprived of delight of any excellent and good tasting food, likewise, yes right! such unfortunate human is, who does not get delight by worship of Allah.

(So, it is weakness of human, not paying attention to Salaat-s, and becoming deprive of favour of Allah the Exalted that delight is not felt in Salaat. Thus whoever are among us like it, they should be worried).

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Peace be upon you.
The real Salaat is of what kind, and how it should be offered, Hazrat Promised Messiah (as) explains:

Remember, this Salaat is such a thing that, by it, worldly life becomes good and Deen too. But many people who offer Salaat, that Salaat sends curse on them as Allah the Exalted said, “fa waillullil mosallin allazina hum an salatehim sahoon” i.e. curse be on those Salaat-offerers who are ignorant of the reality of Salaat. Salaat is that thing, that by offering it, human is saved from every kind of bad-deeds and indecencies. Offering Salaat like this is not in the own hands of human and this method can not be achieved without the help and seeking help of God. And as long as, human does not remain indulged in prayers, khoshu khozu /submissiveness and obedience like this cannot be developed...(to offer Salaat, to get this station where human avoid all evils, an effort is needed, there is need to get favour of Allah the Exalted, for this submissiveness and obedience is essential).....That is why it is needed that your day and your night, any moment, should not be empty of prayers...(so, to get delight and happiness of Salaat, it is needed to get favour of Allah the Exalted. And to ask for favour of Allah the Exalted, again it is needed to bow before Him. And there is need to remember Him while walking, sitting and rising, and need to seek khoshu / submissiveness. If human create this state, then Salaat-s make delight.)

About reason of not getting bliss in Salaat, and about its cure, he (as) says:

I observe that people are inattentive and lazy in Salaat-s for the reason that they are not aware of that delight and happiness, which Allah the Exalted has placed in Salaat and it is the great reason of that. Furthermore, in cities and villages, there is more laziness and inattention is practiced. (people in populated areas show more negligence due to their works) The hundredth or fiftieth part does not bow head before their Real Master with full attention and true love. Then this question arises that why they are not aware of this delight and they never tasted this delight. In other religions, such directives are not present. (to do regular worship). Sometimes, it so happens that we are involved in our works, and Moazin gives Azaan, then they even do not want to hear as if their hearts ache. These people are very much pitiable. Some people here (in the gathering at that time) too are like this, look at their shops, these are beneath mosques, but they never go to stand (in Salaat). So I want to say that, this prayer should be made to God the Exalted with extreme heart-burning and excitement that as He has granted various delights of things and fruits, may He grant delight of Salaat and worship once. Eaten is remembered. Look! If a person sees a beautiful with a joy, it is remembered him very well. And then if he sees a disgusting and unpleasant countenance, his whole state becomes apparent, due to it. Yes if there is no connection, nothing is remembered. (human remembers uglinesses and beauties because he sees with an attention, but if there is no connection, nothing is remembered). Likewise, according to those who do not offer Salaat, Salaat is a penalty which has to be offered by waking in morning, making ablution in cold, leaving sleep of comfort and by losing various kind of eases. Reality is this, he is displeased, he cannot understand it. He is unaware of the delight and tranquility, which is in Salaat. Then how can he get delight in Salaat. I observe when a drunkard and intoxicated person does not get pleasure, he continues to drink cups one after other till he gets a kind of intoxication. A wise and noble person can get benefit from this (example) and that is, he should be steadfast for Salaat (be regular, he should keep praying to Allah the Exalted for delight till he get it. O Allah grant me that joy and delight in Salaat as You have kept in other things) and continue to offer (Salaat) till he get bliss. And, as there is a delight in the mind of an intoxicator one, to get it, is his original purpose. Similarly, to get delight in Salaat should be in his mind and inclination of all his powers. (one should focus all powers to get bliss in Salaat). Then with a sincerity and enthusiasm, a prayer, at least like restlessness and agony of drunkard, should be born that that bliss should be obtained. I say and say truly that surely and certainly that bliss will be obtained. Furthermore, while offering Salaat, to get those benefits should be kept in view which are with it and benevolence should be kept in sight, “innal hasanate yuzhibnas saiyeaat” virtues cancel evils. So, by keeping these virtues and delights in heart, one should pray that may Allah grant that Salaat which is of siddiq-s and mohsin-s . As said, “innal hasanate yuzhibnas saiyeaat” i.e. virtues or Salaat drive away evils, or said at other place, Salaat saves from indecencies and evils, and we see some people despite offering Salaat still do evil. The answer to it is, they offer Salaat-s but not with soul and righteousness, they only strike their heads as ritual and habit. Their soul is dead. Allah the Exalted has not given these (Salaat) name ‘hasanat’. And here the word ‘hasanat’ is placed. The word ‘al-Salaat’ is not used despite of same meaning. Its reason is so that He point to excellence, loveliness and beauty. That Salaat removes evils which keeps a spirit of truth in it and property of blessing is present in it.

Reference and More, in English subtitles, from 29.03 minutes, onward in
Friday Sermon: 29th September 2017