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Prayer for the Election of a Pope


My priest said this in Mass today and printed it in the bulletin. I thought I'd share, because the cardinals need all the prayers they can get:


God of infinite wisdom,

On the day of Pentecost
your Holy Spirit
descended upon the disciples
locked in the upper room.
Send that same Spirit
on those cardinals
gathered in conclave
entrusted with electing a new Pope.

In your mercy,
grant your Church
a Pope who will strive for
the healing of the nations,
the dignity of all people,
the concerns of the poor,
the safety of the vulnerable,
and the unity of all Churches.

May he constantly turn to you in prayer
and be filled with your Holy Spirit.

We pray in Jesus' name.



Administrator Emeritus
Staff member
The Cardinals sure will have their work cut out; I can never quite understand how they all manage to agree - I guess they need the prayer. I am not Catholic, but there is nothing in the prayer that offends me; I will repeat the prayer.:)


Saint in training
I like that prayer. They do need all the prayers that they can get and somehow, I just know that they will receive them. I went to mass last night and this morning and we said a prayer for them also. I will pass this on. :)