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Poem about karma

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Geoff-Allen, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. Geoff-Allen

    Geoff-Allen Resident megalomaniac

    Sep 9, 2014

    In a very real sense this message is not new,
    Just one soul's tale of how it finally got through,
    A belief is an idea you hope is quite true,
    Allow it to become more real to you,

    There are many laws which govern our lives
    From men in skyscrapers to bees in their hives
    One law is karma, you are free to ignore it
    If you want a picture, I will try to draw it

    The law of karma is a complete mystery to most
    They would rather believe in UFO's or a ghost
    The law of gravity keeps our little planet spinning
    While karma keeps track of losing and winning

    If you hate something you only destroy yourself
    So why not just leave those poisons on the shelf
    Love your enemies - I wouldn't suggest it's easy
    I promise it won't make you unbearably queasy

    Send out kind thoughts to those who need it most
    You can do this as easily as putting jam on your toast
    Whatever you send out will return to you one day
    Try to bear this in mind whether at work or at play

    Karma flows smoothly from one lifetime to the next
    This is why we humans are so often perplexed
    By events and calamities that defy any explanation
    You may find the answer in another incarnation

    Like any other law, you are free to ignore it
    Every action is the result of another before it
    It closely resembles Einstein's theory of relativity
    It pervades each and every human activity

    I wish you all the best on your karmic travels
    And as the mystery of your existence unravels
    Think about me as I am thinking about you
    You may find it quite an enjoyable thing to do