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Poem about dogma


Resident megalomaniac
This world sure is a scary place
Tell me what to believe
I will go along
If it relieves my uncertainty
Tell me what is what
What is real and what is not
Reality may be a place to play
I plan to visit it one day
What happens to us when we die?
I can surely trust you not to lie
Even though I have my doubts
I will listen to the man who shouts
Am I losing control of my mind?
What will I see when I go blind?
Can you teach me not to worry?
I'm really in an awful hurry
Tell me about this God of yours
Does he even need my applause?
Can I believe in divine revelation?
Will that help relieve my frustration?
I am slowly losing my grip on reality
Where am I going to spend eternity?
How on earth can I possibly be certain?
Who is there behind that curtain?
Does God exist
Inside my fist?
It's hard to resist
The fun I have missed
Surrounded by mist
The doubts still persist