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Philosophy of Prayer - Prayers To Seek Allah’s Blessings and Protection.


Peace be upon you.
Peace be on you.
Philosophy, Essence and Results of Prayer….. “He who supplicates God at the time of difficulty and distress and seeks the resolution of his difficulties from Him, achives satisfaction and true prosperity from God Almighty provided he carries his supplication to its limit. Even if he does not achieve the purpose of his supplication, he is bestowed some other kind of satisfaction and cotentment by God Almighty and does not experience frustration. In addition, his faith is strengthened and his certainty increases. But the one who, in his supplication, does not turn towards God Almighy remains blind all the time and dies blind…….He who supplicates with sincerity of his soul is never truly frustrated. That prosperity which cannot be achieved through riches and authority and health, but which is in the hand of God and He bestows it in whatever shape He Wills, is bestowed through perfect prayer. If God Almighty so Wills, a sincere and righteous person in the midst of his distress achieves such delight after supplication which an emperor cannot enjoy on the imperial throne. This is true success which is bestowed in the end on those who pray.” ……[Explained by the Promised Messiah and Mahdi, peace be on him… (Essence of Islam, vol II. p 207+)]

‘…..Our Lord, grant us good in this world as well as good in the world to come, and protect us from tHe torment of the Fire.’ (Surah Al Baqra, ch2:v202) ….. Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) and his Companions (r.a) especially said this prayer. In this age, his ardent devotee Promised Messiah (a.s.) and his Khulafa have reminded to say this prayer on various occasions.

hasana (good)….. The word ‘Hasana’ is used in the above verse. It means piety, benefit, something that has no evil or harm; and it is good from every respect; it has good result; it is according to pleasure of God.

Prayer to seek Hasana for…..Currently, the community of promised Messiah is facing difficult times in some countries. The opponents want to deprive the community from every blessing but there are many good people support them. The Holy Khalifah has asked the community to pray for themselves and for the other people, to seek protection of God agaisnt worldy people. He asked the community to say the above prayer:
= for the grant of blessings, for the ablibity to do such good deeds in this world that may attract pleasure of Allah and goodness in Hereafter,
= for pure and more provision inspite foe’s otherwise intentions,
= for peace from neighbours,
= for peace in cities and countries,
= for peace from rulers,
= for Muslims rulers so that they do not become torment for general public and pay their rights,
= for the better rulers (if current ones are not able) who should be a goodness in world,
= for grant of well-wisher, courageous, helpful friends who return vitue for virtue -- a good friend is Hasana / goodness of world. [Recently, to rescue a person of the community from extremists, his good friend who is not from the community, endangered his own life. As a second example, when some oil-based rich opponents tried to harm Community’s Radio-Station broadcasting in an African country, the good friends who were not from community of promised Messiah, came as great courageous supporters and said to the missionary there to continue service for real Islam; they also said it was being very useful.]
= for goodness, that covers all aspects of life and for the good end.
= for spouse, and for children’s virtuous upbringing and disease free lives.
= for the grant from God, of what is best according to God.
= for the timely, needed, comprehensive, externally and internally good, blessing from God. [God knows all hidden, only He can decide what is good externally and internally. Human can make mistake but God does not; sometimes people make friends or choose rulers by thinking they are good but they get hurt.]
= for safety of community from the problems, perpetrated by some.

fil aakherate hasanatan (goodness in Hereafter)…..These words in verse indicate the prayer that seekers seek goodness in Hereafter which is outwardly and internally good. Hadhrat Musleh Maud (r.a.) has explained that somethings in Hereafter are outwardly not good but they are actually useful e.g. Hell. Hell is a correctional facility…………..Thus, seekers should pray that their correction should not be through Hell but it should be through Fazl / blessing of God; may God grant them those blessings of Hereafter, which are outwardly and internally good -- like Paradise. Paradise is outwardly and internally good. It should be so that outward and internal Hasana / goodness of this world alongwith pleasure of God, lead to hasana and pleasure of God in the Hereafter.

Hasana of this world is the Means for Hasana in Hereafter….. Human well-being depends on freedom from trials, tribulations in this brief life and also from wickedness and spiritual ills that distant human from God – as Hasana of world…… Good health etc leads to comfort in life but is also a means with which one can do something for the Hereafter. In fact, whoever is granted health, honour, children and peace in the world and whose deeds are righteous, it is hoped that his Hereafter will be good…….Explains the promised Messiah (a.s.)

wa qena azabunnar…..save us from torment of FireThis part of prayer in the verse (2:202) is to seek refuge from torment of fire in this world and in Hereafter. These days, no one knows, in house or bazaar, bullet or bomb by extremist can take lives. In these circumatances, this paryer is to seek Allah’s protection Who knows where and what will happen. Human seeks from Allah that his being at home or outside, be with His Fazl / blessing, safety from torment of Fire in this world and in Hereafter.
One feels need for prayer who finds all paths sealed and finds that there is no way but Him. The prayer comes from such person’s heart, according to promised Messiah (a.s.).

The prayer (2:202) is said by those who believe Allah only is their Al Rabb /Lord…….Besides normal fire, there are other fires too…..torments, bloodshed, poverty, fears of failure, family and relatives’ problems etc……….Seeker prays to God: We seek Your refuge.

ANOTHER SIGNIFICANT PRAYER WHICH IS NEEDEDThis is the last verse of Surah Al Baqra, Chapter2.
‘Allah burdens not any soul beyond its capacity. It shall have (the reward) it earns, and it shall get (the punishment) it incurs. Our Lord, do not punish us, if we forget or fall into error; and our Lord, lay not on us a responsibility as Thou didst lay upon those before us. Our Lord, burden us not with what we have not the strength to bear; and efface our (sins), and grant us forgiveness and have mercy on us; Thou art our Master; so help us Thou against the disbelieving people.’ (2:287)

Forgetting or Doing Errors, Seeking Forgiveness….. Forgetting to do an essential work….Not doing something on time because of lack of undersating of its importance…..Thinking that it is not of much significance, if not done nothing will happen…..Something is very important (it may have effect on relation between God and human) and the person has no knowledge about its importance.
Seeker parys to be saved from such forgetfulnesses and errors. And if these have been commited then forgiveness, no-grip, no-accountability and no-displeasure is seeked from God.

But if one insist upon wrong-doing or wrong-method and also say this prayer then that would be not be supplication but it would be like trying to do mockery.

The prayer should be taken to its full limit.

Our Lord, lay not on us a responsibility as Thou didst lay upon those before us……It is to be noted that it is not about commandments (e.g. offering Salaat, reading Holy Quran etc) because God commands according to human capacity……This part of verse means that: may we not repeat those wrong-doing for which earlier people were punished…….It is against law of God that people keep doing evils and are not chastised…….Due to wrong-doings of earlier people, such rulers were imposed on them who did not take care of their rights. O Lord, save us from like situation; if You are not pleased with us, forgive us or if it is trail, make it light.

Our Lord, burden us not with what we have not the strength to bear…..Sometimes, effect of punishment for others reaches to innocent ones. On occasions, during war, those are killed who are not intented…. O Lord, save us from such effects.

According to Hadhrat Musleh Moud (r.a.), here, the displeasure of God is not being mentioned; what is mentioned is worldy afflictions…..O Lord, save us from trials which are not due to Your displeasure too.

Efface our (sins)…..Whatever wrongs we have committed, O Lord, save us from their bad consequences. If something lacks, please grant by Your Mercy and Fazl.

Grant us forgiveness…..If we have done wrong, let be that as if we have not done so.

Have mercy on us…..Our mistakes hinder our personal progress or Community’s progress, O Lord, have mercy on us and remove these.

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Peace be upon you.

Thou art our Master…..World will assocaietd our weaknesses with You, as we are called Divine Community. We are being persecuted. Our broadcast of truth is being hampered. You are our Master, we beg for Your mercy, we admit our weaknesses, we seek forgiveness.

so help us Thou against the disbelieving people…..Caste Your special attention on us and grant triumph over disbelieving people who try to hurt progress of Islam. May we be broadcaster of Your Name and Din; not only non-Muslims disturb it…..There are those who present religion of Allah in extremist way that cause negative effect on our carrying the message of Allah.

A Prayer was taught to Promised Messiah…..O Lord, everything is subservient to You. O Lord, protect us, help us and have mercy on us. [rubbey kullo shey’in khademoka rabbey fahfazni wansurni warhamni] The Holy Khalifah said that this prayer is very much needed today and he too has been especially [Divinely] drawn to this prayer… May we be saved from all evil and are granted Hasana in world and in Hereafter, get forgiveness and future protection from sins and firmness on goodness, do self-reflection, say these prayers and carry the supplications to its limits.

REFERENCE: Based on Friday sermon, March 8, 2013, by Holy Khalifah of Promised Messiah and Mahdi a.s (alislamDOTorg), The ardent devotee of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him).
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