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Discussion in 'Catholic DIR' started by Mark Dohle, Apr 11, 2021.

  1. Mark Dohle

    Mark Dohle Well-Known Member

    Dec 3, 2016


    When talking to people about their inner lives and how they pray and process, I find that I have talked to no one who fits into any kind of preconceived all size fits all spirituality. Each person is unique in how they deal with the mystery of who they are and how they relate to God. I believe that the concept of God is like the concept people will have towards any public figure. It varies from one person to another. So perceptions of the public figure will be positive, others negative and still possibly the majority will feel indifference. Yet in spite of this, the public figure will exist in his own right, no matter how others relate or think of him or her.

    Our perceptions of others change as we change. That change can come from the fact that we may develop some sort of personal relationship with the public figure and learn that many perceptions are based on other relationships, as well as what one is told or taught. The more we know another human being, the deeper the mystery gets, until we learn that they do not fit into any kind of box that we try to put them in. The same goes for anyone. --BrMD
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