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Pandeism & Deism

I am fascinated by this concept. Both Pandeism and Pantheism. Evidently, lots of Pantheists equate themselves with Pandeism as well in the fact that the universe is essentially equal to, or is, God. In my personal spiritual experiences, I always get this feeling that there is something else out there that we can't comprehend. Some kind of impersonal, spiritual force that connects every living being. I could be just rambling here, but, I suppose in my thoughts, this spiritual force could be connected to the universe and could possibly considered, "God," in this sense. I guess think of it almost like "the force," from Star Wars, if you will lol
I also belief the fact that God, could have created the universe, and then seized to exist by becoming one with it in this manner, and then essentially let the universe progress through the natural laws of things. And this spiritual force is what is left, in that sense.

However, I don't know if I would go around saying, "he's God, you're God. We're all God." That seems to be a bit much for me personally. Any thoughts?