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OT: Anyone going to Midgårdsblot?


Seeking Feeds
I'm going for midgardsblot in Norway the 16-18. of August. Anyone else showing up, we could have a talk?


Seeking Feeds
Indescribable! I shall try to do it justice with this video of armoured guys in a moshpit: Viking moshpit at Midgårdsblot 2019 in... - FlamesJocke89 Photography | Facebook

No, seriously. There was a large opening blót, where blood was offered to a statue to Frej, and it ended with a large drumming and singing session on the burial mound of the last king of Vestfold. The bookings were amazing, not only in the Metal (Enslaved, Deicide, Einhejr) and Folk (Folket Bortafor Nordenvinden, Einar Selvik, Garmarna) departments, but the seminars are also world-class. I heard the following talks:
Back to Blood - why there is a cultural and spiritual craving for Vikings and the Norse past today? (Ann Kalvig, prof. religious studies, Univ. of Stavanger)
Húgsja - How does magic, music and myth interrelate? (Einar Selvik, pagan folk icon (Wardruna, Skuggsja, Emperor) )
Ásatrú, Reinventing Old Norse Religion - What exactly is Ásatrú? How does it relate to the Old Norse Religion that it is inspired by? (Josh Rood, Ph.d. candidate, Univ. of Iceland)
Urban Viking women: Life in Kaupang in Skiringssal - Newest research on gendered graves in Kaupang, the largest early trade post find in Scandinavia (Unn Pedersen, ***. Professor of Archeology and History, Univ. of Oslo).

And made a lot of good friends! Oh, and I rode in an inflatable unicorn race on the nearby fjord, 10/10 would do again!