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Online UU Sermon


Active Member
Hello all you Religous Forums UU's!

Inspired by Steve Dowell's work at producing PodCasts for www.positivedeism.com, and by several requests that I find a way to put the Sunday Morning Services that I occasionally perform for the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Galveston County on the web, I am announcing the first ever Dynamic Deism Online Sunday Sermon....

Ok, it has taken me a bit to get the technical stuff worked out, so it is coming out on a Monday. :-D

It is a Sermon that I gave at the UUFGC on Sunday, May 15, 2005, but based on an earlier essay entitled "In God's Name". You will see though that it is quite different, and written from a Unitarian Universalist Perspective, as well as a Deist one.

Now, this will be the first time that many of you will have heard my voice, so, I warn you, I am a Tenor, not a Baritone... and I decided to be kind and not try and sing the hymns for the recording. :-D

You can access the MP3 Podcast (which works with any MP3 player) from the following link.


And you can find the page with the Text Sermon in our library at http://dynamicdeism.org/library/UUactingodsname.htm .

The MP3 file is just under 30 minutes long, and about 24 MB. It is the sermon, as well as the opening readings and many other traditional aspects of a UU Service.

Now, this was not the actual service that I gave this morning, but a re-recording of it. However, because of how well the service was received, and requests by several members that they receive tapes of it to send to friends, the Fellowship President is going to purchase this week a dual tape deck to attach to our sound system. So, future services that I perform (one per month, with one more this month) will be turned into MP3 files from the actual UUFGC service, audience and all.

I do plan, however, to go back and re-record two sermons that I have presented in the past... "Deism: Past, Present, and Future" and "The Inherent Worth and Dignity of Every Person" sometime in the next two weeks.

Also, the next service I will be performing will be a joint service at the end of this month with another UUFGC member. It will be a scripted debate between "John Calvin" and "John Milton" on the topic of Free-will vs. Pre-determination. If he gives permission, we will format that one as an MP3 as well and place it on the web.

Upcoming topics include "Being a Reluctant Radical: The Social Action Example of William Ellery Channing" and "The Unity of Science and Religion: The Theology of Albert Einstein".

I hope you all enjoy, and I welcome feedback on these services! Please feel free to discuss Content and form with me. One of the reasons I am doing these services is for the practice and as a part of my Theological education... just please keep the criticism constructive... my ego cant take it otherwise! :-D

I hope they inspire thought in you, and touch your spirit just a little bit.

YoUUrs in Faith and Reason,

David Pyle
Galveston Island, TX