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Oldest reference to Norse god Odin found in Danish treasure


Hellenismos, BTW
The National Museum in Copenhagen reports
"Scandinavian scientists said Wednesday that they have identified the oldest-known inscription referencing the Norse god Odin on part of a gold disc unearthed in western Denmark in 2020... The inscription represented the first solid evidence of Odin being worshipped as early as the 5th century — at least 150 years earlier than the previous oldest known reference, which was on a brooch found in southern Germany and dated to the second half of the 6th century."

Article: APNews.com


Active Member
The bracteate is an exciting find by an amateur detectorist. Makes you wonder what else is out there.

In England a number of brooches, dated to the 5th-6th CE depict a male faces with one vertical and one horizontal eye, these images have been interpreted as a one-eyed Woden. It's great to have textual evidence for Odin on the new bracteate found in 2023