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Occidental Temple of the Wise Lord


I ran across the Occidental Temple of the Wise Lord which was founded by Dr. Stephen Flowers, PhD and was wondering if anyone was familiar with them. They have a website and a group on Facebook. From their website: "The Occidental Temple of the Wise Lord is an entirely independent Western rite of the Good Religion with Zarathushtra (aka Zoroaster) as its Prophet. The Occidental Temple of the Wise Lord was founded on March 21, 2014 after many years of inner development."

The Occidental Temple of the Wise Lord

I have always really like Zoroastrianism so I am interested in how well this would be received.


Wanting to learn it all..
Although I cannot speak for my Zoroastrian brothers or sisters, I would personally find this incredibly well received. It seems like the majority of what they believe, if not all of it, is pulled from Zoroastrianism and it's texts. Just like the actual faith, they don't seem to push anyone into joining, which is good because no one should be forced to, or indoctrinated to, join a faith. I will likely contact them just to talk.