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O Bodhisattvas!


O Bodhisattvas!

One thing in every Bodhisattva's practice these days stands out: no matter how hard we practice--so that all beings (without an exception) benefit--the conditions for life in this world continue to deteriorate at ever increasing pace.

What can be going wrong? Why isn't the quality of life for all beings here and now improving?

No matter what explanations there might be offered, none satisfies, no matter how authoritative those explanations might be.

I would like to offer an explanation that, perhaps, will make sense:
The reason that things in this world are going from bad to worse, generally, is that we don't have a clear idea, a clear thought in our minds, of how the affairs in this world should be conducted in order to create the optimal conditions for existence for all
beings here and now. Or, perhaps, we, individually, do have ideas of how this should be done, but not a single one of our ideas is identical with each other, and we might even not know it, since there is no proper way to compare our ideas that we might
have on the subject with each other, and therefore we all direct our efforts towards, sometimes even fundamentally, divergent objectives; in the end, due to our working for different objectives, because there is no clearly defined idea of what this world
should be like at its optimum, there is no chance for conditions for all life here and now to become optimal ever.

What needs to be done is that we all agree (by what-so-ever expedient and skillful means) on what actually the optimal conditions for all life on Earth should be. Without our harmonizing and unifying of all such ideas of what the ideal state of things in this
world should be, we shall continue to see the situation in this world to deteriorate, wondering all the time how come our various practices meant to benefit all beings optimally bear no results here and now.

That all beings (with no exception) benefit optimally, fully here and now is very important, because here and now is forever in all three times and all directions of space. If all beings don't benefit by our actions here and now, they never will. Here and
now is all we have ever. All beings have to benefit here and now!
Bodhisattvas! What kind of a world should the Earth be to accommodate all life

How shall we unify, harmonize all our individual ideas about what this world should be like ideally so that we all work towards one clearly defined objective?

May all differences, all controversies, all conflicts, all complaints that there are in this world among all beings be resolved peacefully without any delays by the power of all Bodhisattvas ever merit!


May humans become fully and truly forever transparently sustainable for their own good and for the benefit of all beings!

Thank you, Mr. Jan Hearthstone.


Prince of Dorkness!
Welcome, Ian -

The Lotus Sutra teaches that this world is simultaneously Samsara (the World of Endurance) and the Buddha's Pure Land. The difference lies in the understandings, hearts and perceptions of the beings living therein.


Bodhisattvas, like Buddhas can only point the way. They point the way for individuals, through their own practice of good thoughts, words & deeds and purification of the mind.

Society in general and the world are little interested in goodness or mental purification. So the buddhadharma goes against the current of the world, as Buddha taught.

In the very, very distant future time (many millions of years) of Maitreya Buddha, mankind will be so advanced in virtue that the general run of mankind today will seem like demons in comparison.


i watched a video with Hindu Sri Acharyaji who teaches Santana Dharma titled `The Coming Golden Age`. i like that concept but i`m an optimist. i need to look into the protocol on this site pertaining to posting links but if anyone is interested it can be found under videos at the Dharmacentral.com site. Here`s a exert from the site on the talk he gave...""In this prophetic presentation, Sri Acharyaji reveals Vedic insights on such crucial topics as the 2012 prophecies, the transition of ages, the current global political/economic/earth-changes crisis that we are all experiencing, Vedic predictions for our era, the future of Sanatana Dharma, and the immanent arrival of a new Golden Age.""
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