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Non-Literature, Non-Art, Non-Music - Theater of the Absurd


Active Member
During the periods following WW I and WW II, various absurdist "art" forms evolved, that were, by design, utterly pointless. There were books such as Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett. Gripping it is not. I suppose it is one of the better of the "theater of the absurd" that became popular in the wake of WWI. Other examples include Rhinocéros by Eugène Ionesco, of which I'll add a review shortly. Though not my favorite genre, both are classics. Rhinocéros at least had hilarious moments, which are few and far between in Godot. The genre teaches something specific about the era.

In music, around the same time, a musical composition "written" by John Cage called 4'33" that actually came out in the same general time period as Waiting for Godot. See What is the point of John Cage's 4'33"? (link) for this equally pointless "piece." Here's the "soundtrack."

There was an art form called "Dada." We were taught in high school English that this was "art." Any thoughts?

Jayhawker Soule

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Premium Member
What I love about Waiting for Godot (other than Dennehy's Pozzo) is that I can offer some analysis of the play and find informed agreement no matter what I might say. Perhaps "convenient" is better than "absurdist."


Am Yisrael Chai
Staff member
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Too abstract for me this type of music (or "music"?). But interesting to learn about it nonetheless. The article reminded me of the story of I, Libertine. Here's a great video about the story behind that book:

I'm also reminded of trends in modern art such as banana with duct tape selling for thousands of dollars, etc.