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Noah and his Ark - Believe it or Not?

Do you believe the story of the flood and Noah's Ark?

  • Yes, I believe the story of the flood and Noah's Ark

    Votes: 38 33.0%
  • No, I don't believe the story of the flood and Noah's Ark

    Votes: 62 53.9%
  • I'm not sure

    Votes: 7 6.1%
  • Who cares?!

    Votes: 8 7.0%

  • Total voters


Deviled Hen
jewscout said:
I said no, however, i think that the story is similar to the countless different flood stories that exist in other cultures. Why are there so many...because many early civilzations grew up on river banks THAT FLOOD! So are we really that surprised to see such a story in the Torah??

Yeah, but I always wondered why a river flooding, even a bad one, might be considered like the whole world had flooded.

I saw a documentary about the discovery of the creation of the Black Sea, where there is evidence the land underneath was once inhabited, and that due to various geological/climatological factors the Mediterranean broke through, creating the Black Sea.

Now an event like *that* would be something to write home about.

And would probably result in the kinds of ubiquitous flood tales in the Near East.

As for the story of Noah in the Bible, it's ancient, probably very abbreviated, and whatever meaning I would take from the story, I suspect the spiritual one would be of more use in this time.


Active Member
I think floodmyths where created by surviviors of local floods. It probably happend something like this:

A: "-Sure, the flood swept away most of our belongings but we still live, let's rebuild."

B: "-But this is just to much, we are doomed!"

A: "-Don't worry, this flood was nothing compared to what Noah endured, that flood covered the whole world"

B: "-Noah?"

A: "-Once upon a time...."