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New Year first proof of God


Well-Known Member
If Hypothesis A can have only one answer, "Unknown," then John, having got to Heaven, can learn from God the true answer, either Yes or No. Therefore, both Yes and No answers are possible.

Does God exist? The answer "No" John can not get even from God himself. And since the answer "No" is excluded, then the answer is "Yes."

How can you get the answer "Yes" if "there is no God" who will answer you "Yes"? There is always hope that God exists. Therefore, it is always possible to get the answer "Yes." So, there is a possibility to get answers:
1. Yes,
2. Unknown.
But the answer "No" is excluded. Therefore, the final answer is "Yes."

Yuri: "John will not get proof of God anyway but will get someone else's opinion, his own or someone else's."

What am I talking about, Yuri? About the same! There are only two opinions: 1. There is God, 2. I don't know. There is no third opinion "God does not exist." Only a lie. Lie to yourself. Lying mindless emotion disguised as third opinion. Opinion of Science. Therefore, God exists. And you struggle with this proof because there are two gods: satan has lost the gift of life and existence. F. Nietzsche said about satan, "god is dead," and (gnostic) atheists say about satan, "there is no god." Jesus Christ is the Existing and Living God.


Lots of people can use your beliefs against you. This dishonesty breeds miss-trust, which manifests as faithlessness sometimes.