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Naturalistic pantheism without animal rights?


Well-Known Member
It comes down to a moral choice that is unrelated to pantheism. We are all one. If you want to experience yourself eating, killing and torturing yourself that is not necessarily a problem.

Wannabe Yogi

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Killing an animal with a firearm is much more merciful than killing it with fangs and claws. An ethical human hunter seeks to reduce pain and suffering as much as possible, while the non-human hunter doesn't care about that at all. If you've seen nature documentaries on TV I'm sure you'll agree that a bear or a lion is MUCH more brutal than a human could ever be (we don't have the strength, nor the "tools", for that)! Lions strangle their prey for crying out loud! Why shouldn't humans have the same right to hunt as other predators, especially when we can do it more ethically than them?

Humans can kill instantly. Can a lion do that?

Here's a quote from a document about native american views on nature:

"Hunters must spiritually prepare for the hunt so they can be
deserving, be respectful and humble during the hunt, and be reverent and grateful after the hunt."

Are native americans disrespectful toward animals for this? I bet their reverence and respect for nature is superior to both yours and mine!

Here's a link to the document: hxxp://xxx.uwosh.edu/facstaff/barnhill/ES-243/pp%20outline%20Native%20American.pdf

(replace "xx" with "tt" and "xxx" with "www").

I make the choice not to eat meat. It feels right for me. I also except you're hunting argument as well reasoned and valued.

With that being said,
nobody can defend the modern Industrial meat production system it is the biggest cause of Climate Change and it is also intensely cruel.


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Protein is what we need most of for the day more than any nutrient or vitamin. We were built with a necessity to eat meat and plus I don't have the heart to tell a lion and snake to eat tofu.

While we need more of proteins than vitamins (as we need vitamins in very small quantities), it is not necessarily derived from meat. Soy and hemp both contain as much protein as meat, then we also get protein from bread and other flour-based products, potatoes, lentils, beans, etc

If we actually were built with a necessity to eat meat, India would have collapsed.
Our closest living relatives, the other great apes, barely eat any meat at all. They get their proteins from insects, because they can't grow crops.

Lions and snakes are carnivores, humans are not.
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