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my testemony

Hello my fellow Christians, I would like to talk about my testamony and my walk with Christ. I come from a Southern family who is mostly baptist, my great-grandmother was Holiness and she went to a charismatic church where they shouted and spoke in tongues. I never knew her, she died when my mom was a teenager, my mom told me stories about her and my grandmother.

I was a premature baby, I was really tiny and not breathing at birth, I had the umbilical cord around my neck and I had trouble breathing. The nurse gave me oxygen and cut the cord. I weighed 2 lbs and 3 ounces. i had to be put on the Ohio machine, and my newly born life was in danger. My parents prayed, and their friends and church all prayed for me, the doctor and nurse took great care of me, but it was God who saved my life and decided I should live to grow up. I think the doctor was Christian or Jewish, he prayed for me and so did the nurse, she was a Christian.

I have always believed God saved my life at birth because He has some special plan in mind for me. I don't know what it is, but I will seek His will to find out.

As a child I was sweet and shy. My parents sent me to a strict fundamentalist Christian private school where we taught Bible stories and verses in the Bible, how toread and write correctly, they taught phonetics which really helps you to learn spelling and reading English good, and I'm glad I learned correct grammar. I was bad at math, it is my weakness. The school was not so good when it came to science, they basically said God was in charge of science and nature. This school was very strict, somewhat abusive, some of the teachers yelled at me and intimidated me, there was discrimination between the rich kids and the kids whose parents had less money. My sister was spanked for a very minor mistake, her first grade teacher was very mean and harsh, my dad said the woman was crazy.

My parents pulled me out after second grade and in third grade I went to a public school. This was a pretty good public school. I acted strangely becasue it was a culture shock to me, the way the kids behaved so wildly at the public school and the harsh rigid control the teachers had over the students at Community Christian, if you behaved badly you were sent to the principals office for a spanking. The teachers told us that new laws being made to protect children from child abuse were bad, secular and evil of the devil because they had the right to beat us if we did the least little thing wrong, that the Bible says "spare the rod and spoil the child." They are to use the rod of correction on misbehaving children. I was never spanked because I was good, and lucky, but several other kids were, for minor infractions. I remeber one teacher getting mad at me for putting my hands on my hips.

OK, at the public school they weren't allowed to spank, so sometimes the kids would act up, well a lot of the time. This is in the late 1980's early 1990's. The kids made fun of me, I was rasied to be obedient, but unfortunately sometimes I would do what other kids told me to do, within limits, I wouldn't do anything bad or dangerous, harmful that they told me to do.

I was sent to the school psychiatrist and she examined me, ask a bunch of questions and made me do weird tests, putting block s of a puzzle together, the inkblots, that thing. Then I made the mistake of revealing to her the fact that I talk to myself and answer back.

She thought that I heard voices, and thought that I was schizophrenic. I guess I do hear voices, my own inner conscience or guardian angel talking to me. It is my inner self talking to my outside self.

I have a vivid imagination and I am an artist, I draw and paint, I paint ceramics put am not so good at it. I draw from my imagination and from pictures and real life. When I draw from my imagination I see the image in my mind and I can see images in my mind very clearly. I also write stories and poems, and imaginewhat the characters are doing in the stories.

I am schizophrenic because I have lost touch with reality and gone into psychosis a few time in times of stress in my life. I was hospitalised, and I got better with medicine and counseling and having time to calm done and realize reality helped me get better. I control my psochiatric problems with medicine, and some counseling, I also get depressed some times, counseling and going to the Lord helps with that.
I was extremely young when I got saved, only 4 years old! You'd think a 4 year old would not understand the concept of sin and salvation. I got re-saved and confessed my sin and made sure Jesus Christ was in my heart later as an adult. I fear going to hell sometimes, and I worry about other people going to hell, feel sad and sorry for them, it frustrates me when people don't listen, reject and get angry with me when I tell them that God loves them enough to send His son Jesus Christ to die on the cross to pay for their sins. They are proud and come up with so many exuses why they don't need Jesus.

i grew up going to church and plus the Christian school I learned Bible stories and Bible verses. I wanted to be good and please God. But there was another side of me as well. I liked fairytales, and read as many as I could find. I had dreams of being a fairytale princess, and I wanted to travel to a fantasy kingdom or meet a unicorn or fairy. This all started out in childish innocence, then developed into something deeper, darker, wicked and dangerous. I noticed that in Disney stories the princesses really didn't do much. I liked the fairies and their magic powers. Then I read about enchantresses and sorceresses. In most fairytales the witches are evil villains. But in a few stories there are good witches, good magic users. I saw TV shows and books about good witches. Then I started reading books about fairies and witches. I read about the white or good witches, and I thought if there really were good witches than it might be cool if I could be a good witch and use my magic to fix all the problems in the world, like world hunger and poverty, and I could bring about world peace, and stop evil people.

Then I read in the Bible, "You shall not allow a witch to live." That the Bible forbids any kind of magic or sorcery. I did not know that as a child. It was shocking, that people deserved to die for practicing magic. I read about the history of witchcraft persecution, how thousands of innocent women, men and children were tortured and burned to death for being witches in medieval and Renaissance Europe, and other lands. How could the church be so cruel and sadistic, down right evil, to hurt people like that and claim to be Christians?

Witches may belong to the Devil, but Wiccans will protest till they are blue in the face that they have nothing to do with Satan and do not even believe in any sort of Devil. Wiccans are pagans that worship old pagan gods and the mother goddess, most worship a mother goddess and a horned god, pagan nature god of the forest, fertility and wild animals, alcohol, etc. The horns represent animal power and sexual prowess, fertility. Wiccans are nature worshipers.

There are Satan worshipping witches, those who belong to Satan and cast spells and curses to harm people, they are enemies of Christians and do harm to Christians.

I like fantasy novels and games, and of course a lot of them contain magic. There are fantasy novels with magic that celebrate Wicca. I like dragons, or I used too, but now I see they are evil and decpetive, the world of people who are into imaginary fantasy creatures is murky and dangerous, there are even people who think they actually are dragon or elves or vampires, they are called Otherkin, a lot of them are Wiccans or Pagans and into some type of occult. I used to be one. Praise the Lord Jesus saved me from that.

I read Christian fantasy, if you can find it it's worth it, I like G.P. Taylor's Shadowmancer, and have read the Dragonkeeper chronicles by Donita K. Paul. I also like the Narnia chronicles and Lord of the Rings. I'm trying to write Biblical fantasy about the war in heaven.

For years I tried to compromise my faith in Jesus Christ and my interests in dragons, fantasy and magic. I know not all fantasy is bad, God gave us our imagination to use to serve him as a witnessing and praise tool, but the part the dives into witchcraft and the occult is a snare from the devil. Fantasy must not be taken seriously.


Hello my fellow Christians, I would like to talk about my testamony and my walk with Christ. I come from a Southern family who is mostly baptist, my great-grandmother was Holiness and she went to a charismatic church where they shouted and spoke in tongues. I never knew her, she died when my mom was a teenager, my mom told me stories about her and my grandmother....

Thank you for taking the time to put your testamony.