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Mi'raj of Prophet (pbuh&hp) And Issues Regarding Five Salats


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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم​

It has been narrated from Zayd ibn Ali ibn Al-Husayn (as) who said,

I asked my father, Sayyid Al-Aabideen (as) [i.e., the Chief of the Worshippers, 4th infallible Imam], so I said, ‘O father! Inform me about our grandfather, the Messenger of Allah (sawaws), when he (sawaws) was ascended with to the heaven [i.e., metaphysical world], and his Lord -Mighty and Majestic- commanded him (sawaws) with fifty prayers, why did he (sawaws) not ask for the lessening from his community until Moses (anwawas) said to him (sawaws): ‘Return to your Lord (awj), and ask Him (awj) for the lessening, for your community would not be able to bear that’.'
So he (as) said: ‘O my son! The Messenger of Allah (sawaws) never used to suggest [anything] to his Lord -Mighty and Majestic- nor did he ever had it reviewed anything that he had been commanded with. But when Moses (anwawas) asked that, he (anwawas) was an interceder for his [i.e., Muhammad (sawaws)] community to him (sawaws). It was not permissible for him (sawaws) to turn down the intercession of his brother Moses (anwawas). Therefore, he (sawaws) returned to his Lord (awj) and asked for the lessening, up to He (awj) got it down to five prayers.'

I said to him (as), ‘Why did the Messenger (sawaws) not return to his Lord -Mighty and Majestic- and ask Him for the lessening from five prayers, although Moses (anwawas) as had asked him to return to his Lord and ask Him for the lessening?’
So he (as) replied: ‘O my son! He (sawaws) wanted to achieve for his community, the recompense of fifty prayers with the five prayers. Since Allah -Mighty and Majestic- is Saying [6:160] 'Whoever comes with a good deed, he shall have ten like it'. Do you not see that when the Prophet (sawaws) descended to the earth, Gabriel (as) descended unto him (sawwaws), so he (as) as said: ‘O Muhammad! Your Lord conveys the Greetings to you, and is saying: “It is five for the fifty. My Words have not changed, and I am not the least unjust to the servants”.

So I said to him (as), ‘O father! Is it not that Allah cannot to be described with a place?’
He (as) said: ‘Allah (awj) is higher than that, exalted, great’.
I said, ‘So what is the meaning of the words of Moses (anwawas): ‘Return to your Lord?’'
So he (as) said: ‘The meaning of it is the meaning of the words of Abraham (as), "And he said: 'Surely I am going to my Lord. He certainly guides me'." [37:99]; and the meaning of the words of Moses (anwawas), "And I hastened on to You, Lord, so that You would be pleased" [20:84]; and the Meaning of the Words of the Mighty and Majestic, "Therefore flee to Allah [51:50]– Meaning go to Hajj of the House of Allah (awj) [i.e., Ka'ba]" .'
The Imam (as) continued, 'O my son! The Ka'ba is the House of Allah (awj), so the one who does the Hajj of the House of Allah (awj), so he has headed towards Him (awj). And the mosques are the Houses of Allah (awj), so the one who runs towards these, so he has run to Allah (awj) and headed towards Him (awj). And the praying one, for as long as he is in the prayer, so he has paused in front of Allah, Mighty is His Majesty. And the people paused at 'Arafat, they have paused in front of Allah, Mighty and Majestic. And there are for Allah, the High, locations in His heavens [i.e., metaphysical worlds], so the one who ascends to a location from it, so he has ascended to Him (awj). Have you not hear Allah -Mighty and Majestic- Saying, 'To Him ascend the Angels and the Spirit' [70:4]; and He (awj) is Saying regarding the story of Jesus (anwawas), 'But! Allah raised him up to Himself' [4:158]; and is Saying, 'To Him do ascend the good word; and the good deeds lift it up'. [35:10].’

(Al-Tawhid by Al-Shaykh Al-Saduq, P 176/ Man La Yahzaroh Al-Faqih by Al-Shaykh Al-Saduq, V 1, P 198)

حدثنا محمد بن محمد بن عصام رحمه‌الله ، قال : حدثنا محمد بن يعقوب الكليني قال : حدثنا علي بن محمد ، عن محمد بن سليمان ، عن إسماعيل بن إبراهيم ، عن جعفر بن محمد التميمي ، عن الحسين بن علوان ، عن عمرو بن خالد عن زيد بن علي بن الحسين عليهم السلام أنه قال : سألت أبي سيد العابدين عليه‌السلام فقلت له : يا أبة أخبرني عن جدنا رسول الله صلى‌الله‌عليه‌وآله لما عرج به إلى السماء وأمره ربه عزوجل بخمسين صلاة كيف لم يسأله التخفيف عن أمته حتى قال له موسى بن عمران عليه‌السلام : ارجع إلى ربك فاسأله التخفيف فإن أمتك لا تطيق ذلك فقال : يا بني إن رسول الله صلى‌الله‌عليه‌وآله لا يقترح على ربه عزوجل فلا يراجعه في شئ يأمره به ، فلما سأله موسى عليه‌السلام ذلك وصار شفيعا لامته إليه لم يجز له أن يرد شفاعة أخيه موسى عليه‌السلام فرجع إلى ربه عزوجل فسأله التخفيف إلى أن ردها إلى خمس صلوات ، قال : فقلت له : يا أبة فلم لم يرجع إلى ربه عزوجل ولم يسأله التخفيف من خمس صلوات وقد سأله موسى عليه‌السلام أن يرجع إلى ربه عزوجل ويسأله التخفيف؟ فقال : يا بني أراد صلى‌الله‌عليه‌وآله أن يحصل لامته التخفيف مع أجر خمسين صلاة لقول الله عزوجل : « من جاء بالحسنة فله عشر أمثالها » ألا ترى أنه صلى‌الله‌عليه‌وآله لما هبط إلى الأرض نزل عليه جبرئيل عليه‌السلام فقال : يا محمد إن ربك يقرئك السلام ويقول [ لك ]: إنها خمس بخمسين « ما يبدل القول لدي وما أنا بظلام للعبيد ». قال : فقلت له : يا أبة أليس الله جل ذكره لا يوصف بمكان؟ فقال : بلى تعالى الله عن ذلك علوا كبيرا ، قلت : فما معنى قول موسى عليه‌السلام لرسول الله صلى‌الله‌عليه‌وآله : ارجع إلى ربك؟ فقال : معناه معنى قول إبراهيم عليه‌السلام « إني ذاهب إلى ربي سيهدين » ومعنى قول موسى عليه‌السلام « وعجلت إليك رب لترضى » ومعنى قوله عزوجل : « ففروا إلى الله » يعني حجوا إلى بيت الله ، يا بني إن الكعبة بيت الله فمن حج بيت الله فقد قصد إلى الله ، والمساجد بيوت الله فمن سعى إليها فقد سعى إلى الله وقصد إليه ، والمصلي ما دام في صلاته فهو واقف بين يدي الله عزوجل فإن لله تبارك وتعالى بقاعا في سماواته ، فمن عرج به إلى بقعة منها فقد عرج به إليه ألا تسمع الله عزوجل يقول : « تعرج الملائكة والروح إليه » ، ويقول [ الله ] عزوجل في قصة عيسى بن مريم عليهما‌السلام : « بل رفعه الله إليه » ويقول الله عزوجل : « إليه يصعد الكلم الطيب والعمل الصالح يرفعه »ـ​
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