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Michael Servetus's holy day?


Veteran Member



Michael Servetus was executed by John Calvin on Oct 27 1553 for writing document against traditional Christian teachings by being burned alive at the stake. He has been "adopted" by UU for his literature and is considered by some UU's as a pivotal figure in religious history.

I looked some UU sites and realized his last day on earth is not regarded as a holy sacred day?

Am I mistaken, or do some UU's hold his last day as a holiday of spirtual signifigance?


Well-Known Member
Well, we don't actually have ANY "official" holidays that I know of. However, the minister and worship committee of each church tend to focus on the themes of many different holidays as they come up. One year the sermon might focus on the theme of one religious celebration that occurs around that time, and another year the sermon might focus on a completely different holiday. I don't think that the lack of a sermon devoted to Servetus indicates that we don't revere him or appreciate the contribution he (unknowingly) made UUism; I just think that ministers prefer to focus more on broader topics than one man during their sermons...


Active Member

I did not realize that was today...

I am going to make a note in my calendar for next year, and develop a service based on Michael Servetus for next year....

What an excellent idea! And being in an congregationaly lead fellowship, we members get to develop and submit our service ideas....

I think that ofen one of the best ways to explore broader concepts is to look at the life of a man who embodies them. In this case, maybe a service on remaining true to your beliefs, no matter what the cost to you...