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Love on the spiritual path


Resident megalomaniac
Greetings all seekers!

Here's an interesting article about personal love and it addresses the common teachings that we are usually exposed to -

Every human being wants to be loved personally -- for who they are -- and every human being wants to love personally. These desires are part of our social nature as children of God. However, in many of the great spiritual traditions of man, personal love has been downplayed, and even strongly criticized. So, even while popular religions generally promote "family values," serious spiritual seekers have been warned throughout the ages against the dangers of "women and gold," "special relationships," even desire in all of its forms. Entry level practices on the spiritual path almost invariably steer aspirants toward impersonal forms of self-culture, and away from involvement in personal human relationships.

Although generally wise and well-intentioned, any apparent bias against human love tends make spiritually-oriented people feel guilty or wrong for wanting/needing personal love. We are here to say, that conclusion is an unfortunate misinterpretation of traditional wisdom. Human, personal love is not necessarily sinful, lowly, or unspiritual. Quite the contrary! Human, personal love is spiritually CRUCIAL -- crucial to our self-esteem, crucial to our unfolding and spiritual ascent, crucial to living as God created us to be.

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Love on the Spiritual Path

Wishing you all the very best!