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Life is stupid - The VICE of being fully mature

of the soul

New Member
The Terms that Life is build up off, is immanence. It is on one side full of Foolishness and mishaps; and on the other hand full of beauty, grace. We can live in a realm pleasant, or on the other hand in phases that are close to hell - If we conclude the matter, And this on the premise from which i'm writing this Article from; as to the following Statement "Life is stupid" meant as; that this stupidity is that of folly, immaturity and still often wanting.
Life is hard when hardships arise. And Easy when it is in sailing

The Path's of Directions Solemnly Cross Each other; Wherein People Meet in the Middle, Often Immature People Overshoot the Discourse. Hence is Life ever trying to push back on BEING fully grown.

The Path is often Scarcely and Difficult. Misconception, and Miscommunication in the Deeper Realm Cause the Reality to blemish. The world In all it's glory sidetracking everyone from the Statue of Being Awake. Having been on the Path for long, it is often Ending with a Fall that is all so discouraging. Whether in the Spiritual or In the Religious Which differ in their Methodology But Remain of the Same Presus, the long halls of Death seems to be Friends with the Fall. The Awakening Which we have So sought suddenly becomes so daunting. What will Cause Life to be Pleasant Again?

The Reality We Faces, the Reality We Sees.

It is said: "Folly/Ignorance is bliss", and For the Most Part it's True; Ignorance because we do not See the Evil, and Folly because we Conduct to the Evil. But Whereas the Monkey See no Evil, Speak no Evil and Hear no Evil is; We Live in a World That Let's Wicked Pass; and Shun's being Good. The Condition of Being Good are so scrutinized That each in their Long Run, Are No Longer Good, But a Mere image of Someone Else's Affirmation of the Goodness they Profess in their Sight. We Often See, and Forget that Each Desire of the Act of Good, the Idea/l is the True Content of What forms in the Soul. And that the Body then Moves into that act by the Commission of the Memories of Muscle. The Fleshly and the Internally/Spiritual. The Concession, The Consideration Furthermore is Stemmed up in This World, That we seek after the Act out of the Outward, and Forget the Reality and Depth of the Reach from Which it comes FROM. So We Long for the Skyscrapers and the Luxury House. Nothing more then the External to imitate the inner peace. So we are bound to ignorance and folly; For all who try to walk the Path never make it to the other side. The System of the World is so Rigged that it crashes the very persons down, that attempt to save it, It's People do not Realize and cause them who desire them to fall. Hence is their immaturity, Because if the World would lift each other up, before the first man ever fell; It would not be in such chaos to BEGIN With. But What of the Primordial Adam; the First Man, and the First Woman? Is the Condition of the Fall to Ever Haunt us even if Generations Were to Come back Out of it; Speaking of the Christ and the Redemption. But then Have You had to have a Religious Setting Like Islam Judging all to the Damned Before the Conclusions Can be made. The Innate Nature of a Man; the Very Djinn Are Judged as if we Were Angels and Demons in the Prior time's; Eon's Ago. How Then Shall we Live in a Life That is to Conclude a Better World? Is God Really Such So Sadistic? Or is this the Reality of a Deistic God? One Who does not feel the Sense as Human's Do; 1's and 0's do not Matter, But Existence.

However You want to spin it, Life can be great and Life can be Damping. I Gather my Thoughts and Realize, it is what we Make it; But Are the Strings really so Short that we must live in Condors till we move into a Millionaires Valley? Is this World Really But Build by Money? And What Can Money Buy Happiness?
The Form of such Thinking:
To Gather Some Thoughts, Each Individual Reality, Each individual Spirituality Whether in Religion or in Spirit, is to build a Life; (Us), to have a nets that keep us from the Fall. But some never have the Privilege to Accumulate Such Life Experiences; Theirfore as such i say, to be Kind; - For You. So that in the Realization of Reincarnation, You will not Do Wrong. Does "Water Rise to the Clouds and Come back down as Water"? Rain and Vapor are a Cycle that we all so (well) know in this world. The Spirit Rises to the Sky and the Body comes down to the Earth. The Cycle Never Ends until the Fulfillment of one's Cosmic Karma.

So is it Bliss to ever Live in A Different Lifetime till the Next Forever? Or is something better awaiting for them who actually GET Out of that Cycle. How Many Road's Must a Man Walk By, Before You Call him a Man? The World Full of it's Wickedness Live's in the Dawn of the Pit's of Hell; That Accumulation that is the Worst of all Creation, and it Craves it's essence.

Does Good and Evil not Exist? or is it all subjective; Objective?

The Question you must ask, is killing right if you have no ill intents or is killing always a wrong?
Life can be stupid until it grows; UNTIL When it grows up; Before then it is still immature, lacking and often wanting. My call is to grow up from these silly games and build a world up that is worthwhile.

These words will fall on deaf ears and ears of them who do not matter, But the Reality is; it must be said. So that them who hear might listen, and them who listen might Hear. - In However of a manner let this be a good read that it might minster unto you. For all i can say, is if you Go Through Hell; Keep on Going, That's the Common Philosophy and Saying of them who are Saints. The World Prevails in it's way, But the Truth will never Fail; Eventually Someone Sees the Light.

This Message Might never reach them who are to hear of it, both in contrary to their demise or to their approval. But i see that this is the only way to speak truth to power. We See How to the World is; So Listen, and you might hear. Dim and Gloom is the Darkness and the Deeper You Go, the Further You Reach.

Even in the Darkest Hour; Their Their is Light. So to them who needed to hear; ... h e a r

With Sincerity.
You Humbled Servant​