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Learning about the Holy See

Discussion in 'Journals' started by rational experiences, Sep 18, 2020.

  1. rational experiences

    rational experiences Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2020
    In my research about falsification of information, being a human owned history of expression in life, I learnt what the Holy See meant.


    The Holy Word.

    Seeing words were a human conscious owned invention, for applying descriptive analogies to everything a human claimed they were superior to.

    Then to use the words for scientific thesis, to own the machine to destroy our life.

    The reason I researched a religious/science thesis was due to how much human pain and suffering I witnessed in life, without it being considered by my own person to be karmic. Seeing 2 human being parents choose to have sex...and the baby conceived never asked to be born.

    To read spiritual literature that preached and life was created as an equal.

    I looked, I saw and I realised, not living in equality.

    Therefore a rationale was involved in why the term Holy See owned a meaning and a purpose around the era of teaching about the Christ changes to the heavenly spirit/gases and life in sacrifice.

    To thesis itself, scientific human thinking, storytelling and reasoning.

    To a quote, what you SEE is first imaged, thought upon, reasoned as correctly identified natural presence.

    Hence what you saw was what was real, first. Holy.

    So the Holy See over turned the use Holy Word. For although the Holy Word described natural self present conditions first. The use Holy Word and storytelling led to occult science converting practices involving conditions not seen and not known.

    How a teaching we were innocent of the knowledge of CHANGE until the change was realised and it was too late.

    Why the teachings of the HOLY SEE were apparently real and true to the tradition of conscious and self realisation as a spiritually aware conscious self.

    As the truth of the reality of human science, a human lived first, owned natural first. Was supported historically by every natural self present body. A human brother agreement studied every natural status, gave it names and then changed it be defining words to use words to change into new words, and then continued to infer a word no longer of a one worded origin....the word was then given a multi false descriptive reasoning.

    How coercive use the WORD was then implemented in human life.

    What I learnt spiritually about the reference HOLY SEE, was about how an image in thoughts is a reflection upon the natural body that owned natural form first. And the image was a holy truth to the statement of describing what you are researching as you look at the image. Seeing existed before word usage.

    Seeing was the highest spiritual self in awareness, without inferred descriptions.

    Hence when they proclaimed that the Image of man appeared in the cloud mass after the ground mass life was sacrificed, it was a holy truth that water mass evaporation was removed from life and given to extra cloud amassing.

    Due to extra cloud amassing the burning heavenly gas mass was cooled in a condition of causes. To flood the ground, to cool the radiating ground mass and to cool the heavenly gases in the same and equal circumstance.

    Why the HOLY SEE what you saw was self proof that science and technology of the age had caused it.

    And to flood the Earth was the saving of human life.