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LCMS, ELWS & heaven


I was raised in the ELCA (no longer a member), and I come from an area where Lutheranism is the largest faith.

I've been to funerals in the LCMS, but otherwise have had no exposure to that church, and have never been inside the local ELWS parish. I have looked up the websites for the Missouri and Wisconsin Synod churches, and they have the reputation as being far more conservative than ELCA in general (although conservative individuals and parishes do exist within the ELCA).

I've even been told that Missouri Synod Lutherans specifically (can't speak for WIsconsin Synod) believe they're the only true church and are the only ones going to heaven. (Incidentally, the local Netherlands Reformed, other Dutch Reformed, and plenty of Baptists teach the same thing--seems denominations are in this Monopoly game to see who can "buy" heaven...).

Is that so? If it is, I think it's horrible, because I think only God can judge, and all churches, no matter how "doctrinally pure" they think they are, are imperfect.


Premium Member
My Bible states that ALL Christians that repent of their sins and turn to Jesus Christ to be Lord and Savior of their lives, are co-heirs (to Jesus) in the Kingdom of God, (heaven). Put your faith and trust in Jesus and don't worry or believe what this world voice says, believe the voice that comes from the pages of the Bible.



I'm sorry to hear that there might be LCMS Lutherans who believe they alone are the Church and that they are the only people who will enter Heaven. I'm sorry because they are mistaken. You see, there is indeed a one true church whose members will be the only people in Heaven, and frankly it's the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land. :fearscream: :tonguewink: