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Knowledge of Wicca?


I am in search of books that would help me learn about Wicca. I don't want to rely on the internet for fear of gathering false information. I trust the books. I also want to get insight from you all as Wiccans. I want to learn.


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It would help to know exactly what you understand Wicca to be; Traditional Wicca which is Gardnerian in origin is a specific cult; it is taught only within the coven setting , it is initiatory and oathbound. This is an interview with Lark, a well known Trad Wiccan:

Google Groups

This is Lark's coven page and booklist:

The Lark's Nest
Tangled Moon Recommended Reading List

To fully understand the breadth of spiritual paths that have come to be called wicca because they incorporate some of the outercourt material of Traditional Wicca, It would help you to read:

Margot Adler: Drawing Down the Moon: Witches, Druids, Goddess Worshippers, and Other Pagans in America.

Ronald Hutton: The Triumph of the Moon.

If you are interested in making your practice as close as possible or based on Traditional Wicca without joining a coven then you will need to read the early classics; written by those who were involved in founding of Wicca or early Traditional Wicca, such as: Gerald Gardner, Janet and Steward Farrar, Doreen Valiente and Vivianne Crowley.

I would also suggest:

M. Green: A Witch Alone.
T. Sabin: Wicca for Beginners