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Journey Working

The Hammer

Premium Member
Hail again my Heathen friends!
I went to a great Pagan meetup last night where I was taken on a meditative journey to meet and experience the Egyptian Gods. I can tell you that it was a very intense experience and I loved it.

Does anyone know of any online resources or even guided meditations, that dip into Norse Seidhr journeying in a similar way? I'm almost jonesing to experience my Gods in a similar light.

Also, if you have any journeying experience, feel free to share what it was like for you. I am curious about what others think as well. Thanks y'all!

The Kilted Heathen

Crow FreyjasmaðR
I don't know of any websites, or that they would be much help, as it's a hands-on experience. I do know there's a practice called "out sitting", where you basically sit outside, away from civilization, and listen to the land around you, eventually journeying as it takes you.


Seeking Feeds
Well, have I got help for you :D

I was trained in journeying in the peruvian shamanist tradition, then carried on my drum and dream work when I found heathenry.

If you want to journey by drum, you basically cannot go wrong with James Harners amazing work, Way of the Shaman, which explains in detail how to journey, and will work for anyone, no matter if their gods are Egyptian or Norse (or non-existant for that matter, there are a fair amount of atheist and even christian shamans today!):

Michael Harner - The Way of The Shaman.pdf

If you enjoy it, support his foundation and buy the book, it's really great to have as a work of reference when journeying for spirit helpers or when healing others.