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JFK, 666 beast with headwound. The noble friendly beast!

Discussion in 'Paranormal Activities' started by Spiderman, May 13, 2022.

  1. Spiderman

    Spiderman Veteran Member

    Dec 23, 2014
    Happy feast of our Lady of Fatima. Like my zodiac sign Ares, I was kidnapped as a child and taken to Fatima Portugal to be raised near where the apparitions were.

    My pin numbers have often been 1917, in honor of the apparitions in Fatima which began May 1917. JFK was born May 1917, and started the Apollo program to land on the Moon, putting what today would be worth 180 billion dollars into the Apollo program, and Fatima means "Virgin Moon Goddess", the source of the sun, who existed before earth was created.

    Catholics don't call Mary moon goddess, but I can see our Lady of Fatima was fulfilling that role, because she appeared on a tree, (a tree represents Fatima) "a lady fair as the moon, bright as the sun", and she gave a vision of the Sun dancing on October 13 1917, to a crowd of 70,000, and Fatima was also the source of the Sun, virgin like Mary, with the same virtues.

    I was kidnapped by my Dad after my mom won custody, and he tried to raise me in Fatima. It left a huge impression on me, that I reflect on a lot.

    The message of Fatima is essentially to offer up all our prayers and sufferings, make of ourselves an offering, for the conversion of the wicked, especially Communists and militant atheists.

    Mary also asked the Pope to consecrate communist Russia to her immaculate heart, in union with all the Bishops of the world, promising a miraculous fall of the Soviet union.

    JFK did an enormous amount of opposing Communism , trying to overthrow communism in Cuba, fighting Communists in Asia, solving the Cuban missile crisis when we were closest to nuclear war with Communists, and he was assassinated by a Communist.

    The communist who assassinated him was named "Lee Oswald". Lee is an alternative for Leah, bride of Jacob, represented by the Moon in Joseph's prophetic Old Testament dream.

    His wife Jackie's name is alternative for Jacob, husband of Leah in Scripture. Jackie Kennedy's middle name is Lee, alternative for Leah, the name of the man who shot him, on Lia's (Latin for Leah) birthday, the woman I proposed marriage to 100 year anniversary of JFK'S birth, to the month, (May 2017) just days before his hundredth birthday, and 100 year anniversary of the first apparition of Fatima May 1917.

    And this book arrived on my porch, one day before feast of our Lady of Fatima.

    Weird thing is, my neighbor knocked on the door, handed me the book without a package, and he said some one had opened it up on my porch and he caught them.

    I had my experience with Apollo the day prior, who is mentioned in the book of revelation 9:11 as having keys to the bottomless pit, and the day I got the book I was transferred to Diane Ahrens residents, and Diane is Moon Goddess, considered a version of Artemis, twin of Apollo, and JFK was a Gemini (twin) who started and funded the Apollo project, and this is the "Twin Cities".

    On the wall of Diane Ahrens, first thing I see is "hello sunshine", and Helios means "sunshine", and Apollo is a version of Helios the Sun God. Also, our Lady of Fatima made the Sun dance, so that was kind of like the sun Deities dancing.

    I practice Shinto, which has the Sun Deity as highest Kami, and their sun Disk flag represents a Sun Divinity.

    Some how, despite feelings of being broken and useless, the spirit world seems to provide all kinds of signs, connections, synchronicities, clues, messages.

    Like, it is crazy to have shared with someone the experience I had with Apollo, then transfer to a facility with the name of a Goddess of the moon, who is an alternative for Artemis, Apollo's Twin, the next day, when I receive JFK book (who began and funded the Apollo program), and I finished the book feast of our Lady of Fatima (Moon Goddess).

    The book calls him "the seventh president to die of the Tecumseh curse", and I'm in room 7.

    He is called "the 7th king of revelation", and he returns from the dead with his fatal headwound healed, in the book.

    Revelation 13:3 says "and his deadly wound was healed, and all the world followed after the beast".

    I don't want to serve a bad beast, but strongly believe the dead Kennedys contacted me.

    Plus my failed Apollo program, pursuit of Lia (the Moon in the old testament) lol, whose birthday JFK was assassinated on, lead me to huss recovery center, next to a Church with a plaque to JFK, where he attended mass, and a book about the day of his assassination on the shelf of the treatment center.

    I then noticed my counselor wearing the dead Kennedy logo, and a dead thread of mine resurrected I noticed immediately after talking with him, with a post about "the dead Kennedy's" on RF
    , followed by fire alarms going off, and fire trucks arriving because someone burnt popcorn.

    It felt like a dead Kennedy baptism of fire, a pentecostal moment, I was in awe. :p The Kennedy family is the most famous American family I know of, called a "political dynasty, American royal family", and many people have written about "the Kennedy family curse".

    JFK got 666 votes in the 1956 Democratic convention, and is the only president I know with a book about him returning to rule the earth , resurrected from the dead. What better beast than the dead one from the cursed family.

    But the mystery of the crucifixion is that a curse can be a blessing.

    I figure if I channel him the right way, it can accomplish much good, a good noble beast from the abyss I hope. ;)

    His name is John and Jack, jack being alternative for Jacob, spouse of Leah the moon. My last name is alternative for John and Jack. My first name means the same thing as one of the meanings of John.

    Jackie Lee would wear the blood from JFK'S wounds that got on her clothes, to important events.

    She never cleaned his blood off her clothing, and Christians pray for the blood of Christ to cover them.

    How interesting a book is written about him returning as a Messiah, and the prettiest first Lady, whose names are the equivalent of "Jacob and Leah" (Jackie Lee), the couple whom Jesus descended from (Jesus descended from Leah and Jacob), the first lady wears the blood of another murdered leader, supposed to resurrect, like Jesus.

    There are also already dead Kennedy cults, and another book called "JFK is still alive" where a medium gives messages from JFK to America.

    I don't want him to return as a bad guy, but it seems clear my destiny was to work with the dead Kennedys.

    The book says his assassination was part of a Divine plan and destiny for him to rise again as a far greater, anointed, new creation, who many will accept as their Messiah.

    If that book would have arrived one day later on my porch, it would have been gone forever. The fact some one knocked on my door and gave it to me opened, was like a sign I was supposed to read that book. It almost seemed like the beast breaking out of his package lol:smilingimp:

    I pray for his redemption, and that he only does good though, use his powers to relieve suffering, help, inspire, and heal.

    The signs and wonders are entertaining and amusing. They give hope. My body is a Temple for dead Kennedys.:laughing: All Kami are welcome into the dead Kennedy Royal family, political dynasty of Apollo, brother sun and sister Moon (I think). :D

    Not only did JFK receive 666 votes in his 1956 Democratic convention, but the book gives a numerical equation for Kennedy = 666.


    Do I think JFK is the Antichrist? No. The Antichrist is not even in the book of revelation, just the beast of the Apocalypse.

    I did feel however that there could be a spirit of the Anti-antichrist, a beast who resembles the beast of the Apocalypse, who accomplishes the good things that the beast does, but doesn't bring harm to society, a true Messiah who resembles the beast in some ways , but reigns in his place: a healer, entertainer, charismatic speaker and comedian who unites people and works economic booms and miracles.

    Seems like a worthwhile thing to at least ask for. Why not?

    Scripture says a beast with a fatal headwound rises from the sea, which the sea in some Scriptures is referring to the abyss, the world of the dead.

    The beast's fatal headwound is healed, and the world follows after the beast.

    If a dead president from what is believed to be a cursed royal family, rose from the dead or reincarnated, was working signs and wonders, and reigned instead of the beast of revelation, it could be fascinating, amusing, intriguing, bizzare, and entertaining, a media sensation.

    At any rate, I believed dead Kennedys were speaking to me before knowing of the existence of that book, experiencing multiple paranormal signal graces, signs and wonders from the dead Kennedy political dynasty.

    Like I said, it is not by chance I enshrined Jackie Kennedy IMG_2022-01-07-14-16-16-124.jpg on birthday of Dionysus, then a week later, on the birthday of someone I'm devoted to whose name is alternative for Dionysus, a box that says Jackie, last name beginning in K, is in my locked security hallway that I share with no one.

    Inside the box is a new "Schock" brand phone, and I was shocked because that security door locks on it's own.

    Some one had to break in or have a key to leave it there, and who would? It's one of multiple mysterious events I have encountered linked to a dead Kennedy.

    Her name Jackie Lee is alternative for Jacob and Leah, whom Jesus descended from, as I said. My favorite person who was born the anniversary of JFK'S assassination, has a name alternative for Leah, and a middle name that means "who is like God". JFK was shot by someone whose name is alternative for Leah. Leah was the most important bride of Jacob in Scripture, JFK was called Jack, an alternative for Jacob.

    At my last recovery center when JFK signs began, a man started talking about some one named Jacob, second son of Rebecca, born 11/22 when JFK was shot. Jacob was second son of Rebecca in Scripture. 11/22 is like JFK'S birth into the world of the dead.

    Jacob Scripture says fought with God and won. He was blessed for it and his name changed to Israel, which means "one who fights with God".

    The killer of JFK was killed two days later by a man whose name is also alternative for Jacob.

    JFK and his killer died in the same hospital, two days apart, and roughly 80% of Americans believe it was a conspiracy.

    So, for JFK to return would be amazing.

    I jumped off a three story building onto concrete over some one whose name is alternative for Leah, just 6 days before JFK'S 100 birthday.

    Scripture says of Jacob "blessed are those who bless you, cursed are those who curse you, in you all the people shall find their blessing.". May God, all Angels, all Saints, bless JFK and the American Royal family. :)

    He is friendly ghost, beast with holy Divine healed headwound and stigmata. A noble beast of the world of the dead. Saint John Kennedy the Baptist. Saint John of the Apocalypse! :D

    I think for now I'm supposed to stay connected to deceased Souls, offer up my suffering for them, pray for their redemption.

    They often return the favor in some way. They are often in a state of purification, healing, in need of prayers, love, and blessing.

    God, the Angels, the dead Kennedys, and the spirit people bless you, dear reader! :)
    #1 Spiderman, May 13, 2022
    Last edited: May 13, 2022
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  2. Nimos

    Nimos Well-Known Member

    Mar 26, 2014
    Patterns and numbers can be seen everywhere, careful that it doesn't go overboard :D

  3. Father Heathen

    Father Heathen Veteran Member

    Feb 29, 2008
    Spidey, I know your belief and practices involve spirits, so do you ever utilize Ouija boards or tarot cards out of curiosity?
  4. Spiderman

    Spiderman Veteran Member

    Dec 23, 2014
    I actually do not know if the spirits I communicate with approve of Ouiji boards and tarot cards.

    I enshrine them, burn incense, chant, make acts of love, chant their names, pray rosaries, write them letters, listen to my heart, listen to coincidence, signs, synchronicities, keep a Honden room for enshrined Kami spirits, keep a Kamidana Cupboard shrine.

    I have considered Ouiji boards and tarot cards but have my reservations. I have had people do tarot card readings for me though.

    I kid you not, two days after getting that book that has a quote from revelation 13 on the cover, I call a guy and he starts quoting a priest on revelation 13.

    I didn't mention the book, revelation, or anything about JFK before he quoted revelation 13..

    The quote on the book cover is revelation 13:3 " and his deadly wound was healed, and all the world followed after the beast"!