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Jews: Commandments as a condition of conversion or not?


Am Yisrael Chai
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Jews Only

I have a history professor who has told us many times that during the Second Temple era there were only three requirements for conversion: Circumcision, sacrificing two pigeons and immersing in the mikveh. And for women, just the latter two. It was only in Talmudic times that it was decided that conversion may only be attained on condition of keeping all of the commandments.

While I have yet to find an exact source for this (though I suspect this may come from some statement by Josephus or Philo), I was wondering what you guys think: Regardless of which commandments you think are relevant or whether they're God-given or not - do you think someone who attempts to convert may only be allowed to do so on condition of accepting commandments/a certain Jewishy lifestyle or would you only see that as a nice recommendation (or perhaps not even that)?


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I'm on the run but IIRC the gemara talks about teaching the convert an easy and a hard law. So even teaching all might not have been an early requirement. I can check more later.